Club 3D printer

The Club 3D Printer is up and running and I am happy to take on any prints you would like done.

Orders for 5″ scale Class 25 ventilation panels have been filled and a further request for a Moreton brake gear reversal cam is being done at this moment. There is a small charge to cover the cost of the filament used (by weight) . Submit your 3D designs in STL format to . The printer is capable of 200x200x200mm sized prints, but I need some more larger designs to test it’s capability and iron out the bugs. How about a nice flywheel or loco wheel pattern which can be used as a foundry pattern (lost wax or re-usable) .

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Contact Quenton – for more info or guidelines.



Looking for Advice

Hi All

I am a new member and I am looking for advice about a 5 inch gauge  steam loco to build

I have  engineering skills with  a mill and lathe ect at home

I am looking for a straight forward build not a monster project , so a 040 or 060  to pull me and the 2 grand kids round the track .

This is to learn to drive and understand the workings steam engines.

Advice on books & magazines  to read will be very welcome as well


Software drawing package for Apple Computer.

Drawing Program for Apple Computer.

Can anyone please recommend a simple drawing package which will run on an Apple computer.    2D and 3D capability required but perhaps this will need 2 separate packages.  I have been using Autosketch for some time but this has to run on a Windows emulator which is a pain.

I am aware that this post is more suitable for a forum but cannot find forums on our present web site.   Assistance would be most welcome.

Bob Lilley

The hazards of passenger hauling at ACR

This shows my 5″ Ajax smoke box after 4 hours of public running on Sunday 2nd August 2015. I don’t think there was any room left in there for more ash. It’s a miracle she was still running at all – and I was still carrying passengers! (just) Full Smoke Box

I’m not sure which of us was in a worse state – me or the loco!

Dirty Driver

Daisy Cutting

I thought daisy cutters had something to do with cricket but here we have  a new slant.

The ground staff at Ashton Court recently took delivery of a new super -duper grass cutting machine and the grass certainly looks much better for it.


Today we had a splendid display of daisies on the tunnel bank and Alan Grinstead our chief groundsman and tractor driver is  cutting the gras and as far as possible avoiding the daisies.  They really do look splendid despite the rain and  would look even better in sunshine.



Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust

The Rolls-Royce Trust in Bristol aim to preserve the amazing heritage of aero engine design, development and production in our region. They are having a recruitment drive. You do not need to have been an employee of Rolls to join. Membership is open to all with an interest in local aviation history. Annual subscription is only £8 per annum for which you receive their excellent bi-annual journal, several local evening lectures and the opportunity to view, or even work on maintaining the local exhibition of aviation artefacts (mainly engines). An application can be downloaded from their website Please consider joining as the Rolls-Royce Company has been, and continues to be, a major wealth earner in our local economy to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. It is not all history, last nights excellent lecture was a presentation by Ric Parker head of Rolls-Royce plc Advanced Engineering about future developments looking forward as far as 2050.

Concrete Apron update

DSCN2401 DSCN2395

It’s done. We finished by 1:30pm on the Sunday. Apologies if you turned up later than that.

Thanks to all those who turned up on either the Saturday or the Sunday, or indeed for both. I shall save most of the photos and words for the newsletter, just the two photos attached.

Alan Hooper