I enjoyed last nights film on the above ship and have been looking on the web for further details. The engines were built by Grenaa Diesels in Denmark who are still in business. If you look at at the bottom right of their home page is a photo of Balmoral. Mathway Marine who’s name was on the steering gear have now been incorporated into Parsons Marine. They are also still in business see Finally if you liked the music in the harbour festival at the end then is for you, under the “sounds” button there are snippets of about a dozen of their tunes you can listen to. Happy browsing. David Ward.

A Message from Your Events Secretary

Dear All.

I have arranged a wonderful evening for Wednesday 7th January.
A Mr Geof Hale who is a BBC camera operator has made a 50 minute film of the Restoration of the MV Barmoral in Bristol Docks.
He will show the film and talk about the restoration.
Now I know it is late in the planning, but we need to get a good turnout that evening, I have amended the events page but for those without email or web access perhaps we can all talk to any member we meet over the next few weeks to fill the room.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas


Club Member Over-exposed?

Dear Sir,

I have a complaint.  I’m learning to live with it, but that’s a different matter.

No, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about over-exposure of one of the club’s members in the Ashton Court Miniature Railway 2014 leaflet.  Now I have to concede, reluctantly, that Arthur Clark is probably less likely to frighten away the children than some of our other members, but I ask is this sufficient justification for him to become the double-page centre-fold in our leaflet?  Whatever next I ask?  A BSMEE Calendar Boys special featuring Arthur astride a different loco every month?  Surely Arthur can’t be the only good looking member in the club?  Although I am scratching around trying to think who else has enough of their own teeth left and a boyish smile to catch the ladies’ eyes…  Oh, well… we can’t all be George Clooney I suppose.

Your disgustedly etc. etc.

PS.  It is April 1st isn’t it?

Workshop Week 12

Well, we’ve got there. The building is basically complete. There are a few thinks that still need to be done or rectified but the shell is complete. As such this will probably be the last of the weekly updates, maybe when some of the interior is fitted out?

DSCN1914 DSCN1915 DSCN1916 DSCN1918 DSCN1919

Workshop Week 11

Nearly here for the basic building. Concrete pump arrived at dawn on Wednesday, unfortunately the concrete didn’t until 9am. Unfortunately the camera batteries didn’t like working at that time or perhaps it was just the cold. Still the floor and the front apron is now complete. Work continues on the gables but the ridge tiles have been completed. All the drains are connected to the soakaway and the tiles along the valley gutter need trimming-back. Hopefully complete by the end of week 12. Of course our week will still need completing; painting the walls, electrics, lighting, water/sink, the inlaid track in the floor, door cladding and probably much more I have forgotten.

2013 Nov 12_0037 2013 Nov 13_0034 2013 Nov 13_0035 2013 Nov 13_0036 2013 Nov 14_0028 2013 Nov 15_0025

Workshop Week 10

Week 10 and very little has changed from last week, although the roof tiles have been completed, just the ridge tiles to go. Gable ends still need to be finished. Formwork for the track in the concrete floor has been trialled prior to the membrane and concrete floor being laid. Some concern has been raised over the amount of water seen below the valley gutter on Friday, awaiting confirmation that the valley has been sealed. Photos below:-

2013 Nov 05_0023 2013 Nov 05_0024 2013 Nov 08_0018 2013 Nov 08_0019

Workshop Week 8

Sorry for the delay if anyone out there has been following theses photos, weekend taken up by the children; still. Last weeks photos added below; and yes for the eagle eyed, the date stone does say 2014!

Alan Hooper

2013 Oct 23_0008 2013 Oct 23_0009 2013 Oct 24_0005 2013 Oct 24_0006 2013 Oct 25_0002 2013 Oct 25_0003