A Court Club Activities 2022

Please note that this list includes all activities at Ashton Court, many of which are not open to the public.

 If you wish to see public events only, please follow this link to Public Running Days. 


Public Running. See Public Running Page.

Ashton Court Railway Calendar 2022
1st JanuarySaturday
20th MarchSundaySteam Up - First club dayBoiler Testing
27th MarchSunday1st Public running dayMothers Day - Summer time starts
3rd AprilSunday2nd Public running day
9th AprilSaturday16mm Scale Track Opening, traders and display
10th AprilSunday2nd Club day
15th AprilFridayGood Friday
17th AprilSunday3rd Public running dayEaster Sunday
18th AprilMonday4th Public running dayBank Holiday
24th AprilSunday
1st MaySunday5th Public running day
2nd MayMonday6th Public running dayBank Holiday
8th MaySunday3rd Club day
15th MaySunday7th Public running day
22nd MaySunday8th Public running day
29th MaySundayBRIMLEC
2nd JuneThursdayNo accessBank Holiday - Love saves the day
3rd JuneFridayNo accessPlatinum Jubilee Bank Holiday - Love saves the day
5th JuneSunday4th Club dayIf we can get access
12th JuneSunday9th Public running day
19th JuneSunday10th Public running dayFathers Day
26th JuneSunday
3rd JulySunday11th Public running day
6th JulyWednesdayClub evening meeting16.00 - 20.15
10th JulySunday12th Public running day
17th JulySunday5th Club day
24th JulySunday13th Public running daySchools Holidays start
31st JulySunday14h Public running day
7th AugustSunday6th Club day
11th AugustThursdayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
12th AugustFridayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
13th AugustSaturdayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
14th AugustSundayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
21st AugustSunday15th Public running day
28th AugustSunday16th Public running day
29th AugustMonday17th Public running dayBank Holiday
3rd September Saturday Bullied Builders GroupRob Speare
4th SeptemberSunday7th Club daySchools holidays end
11th SeptemberSunday18th Public running day
17th SeptemberSaturdayPrivate RunningDavid Giles
18th SeptemberSunday19th Public running day
24th SeptemberSaturdayShirehampton Amateur Radio Transmission Weekend
25th SeptemberSundayShirehampton Amateur Radio Transmission Weekend
2nd OctoberSunday20th Public running day
9th OctoberSunday8th Club day
16th OctoberSunday
23rd OctoberSunday21st Public running day
30th OctoberSundayFinal Public running dayHalloween - Summer time ends
4th DecemberSundaySanta Special

Due to the current lockdown please check with the railway manager for the current situation.

Limited outdoor maintenance activities have resumed – check with railway manager.

Public Running closed season – See public running page.

All members wishing to attending Ashton Court Railway for outdoor maintenance activity must obtain permission from the Railway Manager before attending.

Indoor maintenance activities – cancelled until further notice.

Club running – Check with Railway Manager.

Private running – cancelled until further notice.

Workshop – closed until further notice.

As soon as we have further information, updates will be published here and in the chairman’s emailed news letter.

If you do not currently receive club emails please contact the club membership secretary and advise him that you wish to do so as we now need your permission to contact you in this way under GDPR laws.


BSMEE Club Chairman.