A Court Club Activities 2020

Please note that this list includes all activities at Ashton Court, many of which are not open to the public.
 If you wish to see public events only, please follow this link to Public Running Days. 


Wednesday1st January Club runningTBA
Sunday15th MarchSteam up day 1TBA
Sunday22nd MarchSteam up day 2TBA
Sunday 29th March Public runningTBA
Sunday5th AprilNo runningTBA
Sunday12th AprilPublic runningTBA
Monday13th AprilPublic runningTBA
Sunday19th AprilNo runningTBA
Sunday26th AprilPublic runningTBA
Sunday3rd MayClub running 1TBA
Friday8th MayPublic runningTBA
Sunday10th MayPublic runningTBA
Sunday17th MayClub running 2TBA
Sunday24th MayPublic runningTBA
Monday25th MayPublic running TBA
Sunday31st MayClub running 3TBA
Sunday7th JunePublic runningTBA
Sunday14th JuneClub running 4TBA
Sunday 21st JunePublic runningTBA
Sunday28th JuneClub running 5TBA
Sunday5th JulyPublic runningTBA
Sunday12th JulyClub running 6TBA
Sunday19th JulyPublic runningTBA
Wednesday22nd JulySummer runningTBA
Sunday26th JulyClub running 7TBA
Thursday30th JulyCludoTBA
Sunday2nd AugustPublic runningTBA
Wednesday5th AugustSummer runningTBA
Sunday 9th AugustBalloonsTBA
Wednesday12th AugustSummer runningTBA
Sunday16th AugustPublic runningTBA
Wednesday19th AugustSummer runningTBA
Sunday23rd AugustClub running 8TBA
Wednesday26th AugustSummer runningTBA
Sunday30th AugustPublic runningTBA
Monday31st AugustPublic runningTBA
Sunday6th SeptemberClub running 9TBA
Sunday13th SeptemberPublic runningTBA
Monday14th SeptemberBrean SteamersTBA
Saturday19th SeptemberPrivate RunningDavid Giles
Sunday20th SeptemberClub running 10TBA
Sunday27th SeptemberPublic runningTBA
Sunday4th OctoberNo runningTBA
Sunday11th OctoberPublic runningTBA
Sunday18th OctoberPublic runningTBA
Sunday25th OctoberNo runningTBA
Saturday31st OctoberPublic runningTBA
Sunday6th DecemberSanta SpecialTBA
Friday1st January 2021Club runningTBA