ACR Members Activities 2023

Please note that this list includes all activities at Ashton Court, many of which are not open to the public.

To see just public events, please follow this link to Public Running Days. 

ACR 2023
1st January SundayFirst club day
28th JanuarySaturdayPrivate RunningSteve Fallowfield
19th MarchSundaySteam Up - 2nd Club dayMothers day
26th MarchSunday1st Public running daySummer time starts
2nd AprilSundayPrivate RunningArthur Clark
7th AprilFridayGood Friday
9th AprilSunday2nd Public running dayEaster Sunday
10th AprilMonday3rd Public running dayBank Holiday
16th AprilSunday
23rd AprilSunday3rd Club day
30th AprilSunday4th Public running day
1st MayMonday5th Public running dayBank Holiday
7th MaySunday
14th MaySunday6th Public running day
21st MaySunday4th Club day
27th MaySaturdayLove Saves The Day
28th MaySunday7th Public running dayLove Saves The Day
29th MayMonday8th Public running dayBank Holiday
4th JuneSunday
11th JuneSunday9th Public running day
18th JuneSunday10th Public running dayFathers Day
21st JuneWednesdayClub evening meeting16.00 - 20.15
25th JuneSunday5th Club day
2nd JulySunday11th Public running day
7th JulyFridayIMLEC
8th JulySaturdayIMLEC
9th JulySundayIMLEC
16th JulySunday
21st JulyFridaySEN Group VisitAfternoon only
23rd JulySunday6th Club day
30th JulySunday12th Public running day
6th AugustSunday13th Public running day
10th AugustThursdayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
11th AugustFridayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
12th AugustSaturdayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
13th AugustSundayNo accessBalloon Fiesta
20th AugustSunday7th Club day
27th AugustSunday14th Public running day
28th AugustMonday15th Public running dayBank Holiday
3rd SeptemberSunday
10th SeptemberSunday16th Public running day
16th SeptemberSaturdayPrivate RunningDavid Giles
17th SeptemberSunday17th Public running day
24th SeptemberSunday8th Club day
1st OctoberSunday18th Public running day
8th OctoberSunday19th Public running day
15th OctoberSunday9th Club day
22nd OctoberSunday20th Public running day
29th OctoberSundayFinal Public running dayHalloween
3rd DecemberSundaySanta Special