16mm Garden Railway now at Ashton Court Railway

Whilst queuing up for a ride keep your eyes open for the little locos running on the garden 16mm scale railway.


10th August 2021

Ashton Court Railway is up and running again and the Santa Special is going ahead in December. Subject to changes in the current Covid situation

9th April 2021.

Great news, Public Running Days are planned to restart soon. Keep an eye out for further details on the public running page.

See public running page for details.

20th June 2020

Due to the Covid 19 Virus lockdown, club activities are limited. Please refer to the activities pages on this website for further information.

25th October 2018

As of today the members section of this website is now viewable to everyone without the need to log in.

If you need to add content or edit your previous posts then you will still need to log in with your ID and password to do so.

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10 June 2017

Boiler making in the workshop

Formers have been made from an acrylic material known as Coran, which is used in kitchen worktops.  It’s tough stuff, doesn’t deform, but saws and files easily.  The plates are marked out on copper sheet with a margin added around those edges that require flanging, in this instance 10mm is added for flanging and the copper is 2mm thick.  The plates are then cut out and annealed so that the flanges can be formed using soft hammers, and that is we see being done here.  

January 22nd 2017

3D design and Print tutorials held at Ashton. 

We are currently running 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) tutorials for interested club members at Ashton.The tutorial covers the design of a part using Freecad 3D design software followed by the processing of that design for printing and then the fabrication of the part itself. The tutorial takes around four hours and provides a good introduction to the 3D printing process (or more correctly Fused Deposition Modelling) and introduces the club 3D printer.

The attendance is limited to 5 at a time to ensure that everyone can see whats going on and to ask questions.

If you are interested in attending a future session please contact the webmaster for more details and to have your interest registered.

Contact  or ask about it at one of the Begbrook meetings.

Mike showing the item he is about to draw.

Mike showing the item he is about to draw.

Mike showing the drawing process in Freecad

Mike showing the drawing process in Freecad

Mark demonstrating his methods using Freecad.

Mark demonstrating his methods using Freecad.

Quenton demonstrating the processing of the 3D design ready for printing.

Quenton demonstrating the processing of the 3D design ready for printing.

The FDM tutorial.

The FDM tutorial.

Do you require any parts printed for your latest project?

Several recent locomotive builders have taken the opportunity to use 3D printed parts for some of the cosmetic detailing of their creations. Such as Louver panels for a class 25, louvre doors for a Titan, Springs, lamp holder and horn for “Michigan” and I believe quite a few parts for a 5″ gauge goods carriage.

Air horn for "Michigan"

Air horn for “Michigan”

3' 1" 5inch Guage carriage Wheel.

3′ 1″ 5inch Guage carriage Wheel.

5 inch gauge carriage buffer stock.

5 inch gauge carriage buffer stock.

The two designs above are by Mark for his own 5″Gauge carriage project and the first illustration, again by Mark is to adorn Michigan very shortly.

The clubs own 3D printer can be used to produce these parts either by yourselves (see above article on 3D tuition) or I can do it for you. The cost is modest, we currently charge for the amount of filament used at 5p per gram ( or whatever the current restocking rate is) so that stock can be replenished. You supply the design in STL or Freecad format (see the above tutorial article)  and I’ll do the printing for you if you wish.

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Contact Quenton (email me at for further details.




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