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Electronics Tech Retired. Interests - Amateur Radio, Electronics, Photography, Model Engineering and as my time served carpenter and joiner father used to say of me, a bit of a wood butcher.

Myford ML7 Clutch Unit Wanted

Myford ML7 Clutch

Does anyone have an old Myford ML7 complete clutch assembly hanging around that they would like to get rid of for a reasonable sum? I really must get my 66 year old machine up and running soon and as it needs a new layshaft I thought I may as well go the whole hog and try to find a clutch assembly for it.


Club 3D printer

The Club 3D Printer is up and running and I am happy to take on any prints you would like done.

Orders for 5″ scale Class 25 ventilation panels have been filled and a further request for a Moreton brake gear reversal cam is being done at this moment. There is a small charge to cover the cost of the filament used (by weight) . Submit your 3D designs in STL format to webmaster@bristolmodelengineers.co.uk . The printer is capable of 200x200x200mm sized prints, but I need some more larger designs to test it’s capability and iron out the bugs. How about a nice flywheel or loco wheel pattern which can be used as a foundry pattern (lost wax or re-usable) .

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Contact Quenton – webmaster@bristolmodelengineers.co.uk for more info or guidelines.



Part built locos for sale.


I have two partially completed 5” locomotives these belonged to my brother, who died recently, leaving them along with various tools and machines. One is an A3 Gresley Pacific with valve gear and linkages complete and boiler partly built. The other is an LNER A3 “Flying Scotsman”. I have all drawings, castings and materials to finish these engines.


Chris Browning         (contact details from webmaster@bristolmodelengineers.co.uk)









Wanted – Small milling vise

Hi all. I’m looking for a small milling vise for an old Sharp MkII mill. Something with say 4inch wide jaws (100mm) would be ideal. I’m having difficulty finding something of the right size and price at the moment. Would appreciate it if anyone had one stashed under the bench that they no longer use and could offer at a mutually agreeable price. Many thanks.

Touch DRO Project info

Hi all.

Just a quick post regarding the inexpensive Touch DRO that many people around the world have been building including myself. The project itself was designed by a skilled software developer and model engineer by the name of  Yuriy Krushelnytskiy of Portland, Oregon,who has released the design and firmware under open source licence to enable others to share and collaborate in the project. The DRO consists of some cheap Chinese scales marketed in this country by ArcEurotrade among others, an Android tablet, an Arduino micro controller or MSP430 Touchpad micro controller and a few other electronic bits and pieces. I have used the Arduino and managed to build the scale interface electronics for around £15. The cost of three scales amounted to about £113 and the 10.1 inch Android tablet was a christmas present, but can be bought for around £80. So for about £220 a mill can be fitted with a DRO with a touch screen and three axis readout plus rev counter. The DRO has the following features :-

  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity support
  • Display for up to three* axes
  • Support for metric an imperial units (mm and inch)
  • Support for standard DRO functions:
    • Tool Offset
    • Preset Dimension
    • “1/2” Function
    • Hole Circle (Arch)
    • Hole Grid
  • Unlimited** point memory
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Worskpace preview

For full details go to :-