The BSMEE is always pleased to receive applications for membership of the Society from any person(s) who are interested in what we do and can help us to support and develop our activities.

How to Apply

The process of application is fairly straightforward. Prospective members must first obtain an application form, complete it and send to the Membership Secretary along with the payment required.
There are several ways to obtain an application form:
a. Attend one of the Wednesday evening meetings and introduce yourself to someone present at the meeting. A welcome will be extended to you, a form made available and help given in completing the form.
b. Ask for one from the Ticket Office at the Miniature Railway site during the summer season when there is an open day.
c. Contact us by E mail via the membership secretary ( Please give your full address and telephone number. The Membership Secretary will get back to you as soon as possible. However holidays and other commitments may mean a delay of a week or so, please be patient.

Membership categories

Membership categories are as follows:
1. Ordinary Members over 18 years.
2. Junior Members* are below the age of 14 years.
3. Associate Members* are between 14 years and 18years of age.
4. Family Membership for two adults with children living at the same address.

* We consider it essential that we take steps to ensure the safety of children and other vulnerable people. Therefore it is necessary to place some restrictions on the joining of prospective Junior and Associate members. The restrictions that apply can be obtained by discussion with the Membership Secretary.

In addition there a two categories of membership which are sometimes awarded to established members or supporters in recognition of their contribution to the Society:

1. Honorary Members
2. Honorary Life Members

Benefits of Membership

The major benefit of membership of the BSMEE is the ability to get to know other people who share similar interests to you and who are more than willing to give you some kind of help and friendship. This is invaluable especially to those just starting out in the hobby.

Other significant benefits are:
1. Use of any of the facilities at the Ashton Court Miniature Railway site subject to certain safety requirements this includes the well appointed “Geoff Sheppard” workshop.
2. An opportunity to help with the maintenance and development of our facilities by joining one of our working parties usually held during weekdays or at the weekend. These groups provide an opportunity for those with some spare time to use it is a constructive way working with colleagues in an out door environment.
3. Access to our extensive library of books and model engineering magazines and videos, these may be borrowed for a short period of time.
4. Loan of equipment including some items of special tooling and a rolling road suitable for 31/2 inch and 5 inch gauge locomotives.
5. Access to a library of drawings and patterns for a variety of projects.
6. Boiler testing and inspection free of charge by our team of approved boiler inspectors. Any steam raising equipment must be properly certified as being safe to operate before it can be used at any of our facilities. The opportunity to have this service available is valuable to those wishing to operate their own steam model.
7. Purchase of silver solder at favourable prices.
8. Insurance cover for Public Liability and Personal Accident whilst undertaking activities on our behalf.
9. In addition, the BSMEE tries to encourage a friendly atmosphere by arranging short holidays and visits and other social functions to which spouses and partners are most welcome.
10. The ability to influence what we do by having the right to attend and vote at the Annual general Meeting.

For details of members facilities click here

Membership Subscriptions.

Membership subscriptions become due at the time of the AGM, usually in early Feb. The subscriptions are currently:
Juniors £3
Associates £7.50
Parent/Guardian/Carer of under 18 member £15
Ordinary Members £30
Family members £44
All cheques are to be made payable to BSMEE