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No. TitleYearAuthor(s)
ATechnical Section
A1The Welding Brazing and Soldering of Copper1965Copper Dev Asso
A3Cyclopædia of Engineering Vol 3 (loco boilers)1915American Technical Society
A5Manual of Marine Engineering Practice1920J.W.Southern
A6How to Read Workshop Drawings1977W.Longland
A7Three Dimensional Projection Drawing1977P.Booker
A8Marking out Practice for Engineers1977Ian Bradley
A10The Backyard Foundry1978B.Terry-Aspin
A11Soldering and Brazing1955A R Turpin
A12Sharpening Small Tools1976I.Bradley
A13Shaping Machine and Lathe Tools1976I.Bradley
A14Lathe Accessories, How to Make and Use Them1976E.T.Westbury
A15Milling in the Lathe1973E.T.Westbury
A16The Amateurs Lathe
A17The Amateurs Workshop1876I.Bradley
A21Making the most of the Unimat Lathe1979R.Tingsley
A24The Shaping Machine1973I.Bradley
A25The Grinding Machine1973I.Bradley
A26Spring Design and Calculations1973R.Warring
A29Steam1948Babcock & White
A30Model Four-stroke Petrol Engines1976L.C.Mason
A31Building an Eight Day Wall Clock1972J.Willding
A34Model Petrol Engines1958E.T.Westbury
A35Model Engineering1915H.Greenly
A37Building the 19th-century Steam Engine "Victoria"1982A.Smith
A41Model Steam Engines1917H.Greenly
A42The Novice's Workshop1967Duplex
A43The Design of Valves and Fittings1953G.H.Pearson
A44Spring Design and Calculation1951J.Roberts
A45Drilling Practice and Jig Design1917E.Oberg
A46Electrical Contacts1946L.B.Hunt
A47Iron and Steel1918E.Oberg
A48Alternating Currents1915A.Hay
A49Drawings and Dimensions1956S.Parker
A50Three Dimensional Engineering Drawings1949W.Walters
A51Theory of Control in Mechanical Engineering1950R.Macmillan
A52Centrifugal Pumps1952H.Anderson
A53Patents for Inventions1962T.A.White
A54Efficient Use of Steam1957O.Lyle
A55Efficient Use of Fuel1958H.M.S.O.
A56Making a Chiming Grandfather Clock1975C.Reeve
A57Magnetic Materials1960F.Brailsford
A58Model Petrol Engines1950C.F.Caunter
A60Know Your Materials1960M.A.P.
A62Machine Design and Construction1913H.Spooner
A63Toolroom Practice Vol 11954Caxton
A64Toolroom Practice Vol 21954Caxton
A65Loctite Manual Vol 11985Loctite
A66Loctite Manual Vol 21986Loctite
A67Hydraulic Systems and Equipment
A68History of Physics
A69British Standards for Workshop Practice
A70Radioisotopes - New Tool for Industry
A71Patents Protection
A72Industrial Property and Copyright
A75Lubricating Oils and Engine Deposits
A76Design Protection
A81Modern Mechanical Engineering Vol 6
A82Permanent Magnets and Magnetism
A85Moulds and Presses for Plastic Moulding
A86Advanced Machine Work (reprint of 1925 work)
A87Modern Toolmaking Methods (reprint of 1915 work)
A88Industrial Instrumentation
A89Modern Power Engineering Vol 1
A90Modern Power Engineering Vol 4
A91Fixtures for Turning, Boring & Grinding (1923 script)
A92Engineering Workshop Data
A93Course in Practical Mathematics (5th Edition)
A94Elementary Mathematics for Electrical Engineers
A95Platinum Metals in Thermometry
A96The Art of Welding
A97Metal Fatigue
A98French-English Technical Dictionary, Vol 1
A99English-French Technical Dictionary, Vol 2
A101Alternator Secrets
A102Stationary Steam Engines
A104Bearing Materials
A105Science Data Book
A106Copper Alloy Ingots & Castings, BS1400
A107Welding Brazing & Soldering of High Nickel Alloys
A108S.G. Cast Iron
A109Magnesium Electron Alloys
A110Nickel Alloy Steels
A111Case Hardening of Nickel Alloy Steels
A112Role of Microstructure in Metals
A113Testing Machine Tools
A114New Catechism of the Steam Engine (published 1904)
A116Workshop Yearbook & Production Engineering Manual
A117Steam Locomotive Design Pt 1 (AE&SD)
A118Steam Locomotive Design Pt 2 (AE&SD)
A119Automatic Warning System of Train Control and Trainstops
A120Machinery's Screw Thread Book
A121Shaping Machine and Lathe Tools
A122Hardening and Tempering Engineers' Tools1966G Gentry
A123Soldering and Brazing1967A R Turpin
A125Amateur's Lathe
A126Amateur's Workshop
A127Efficiency of Adhesives for Wood
A128Moulding Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics
A129Machining of Copper & Its Alloys
A130Copper & Brass Pressings
A131Setting Up Your Home Workshop1987Stan Bray
A132Cowells 90 Lathe, A Handbook1980A. Smith
A133Methods of Approximate Integration
A134Jet Pumps
A135Myford Series 7 Manual1982Ian Bradley
A143Manual of Atlas Lathe Operation
A144Turret Lathe Work
A145Technical Illustrating
A147Mechanical Variable Speed Drives
A148The Sports Car - Design and Performance
A149Motor Vehicle Mechanics Course
A150Automobile Suspensions
A151Making The Most of Your Lathe
A152Slide Valves and Link Motions (reprint 1872 12th edition)
A153Slide Valve Simply Explained (reprint 1901)
A154Machining of Copper and its Alloys
A155Practical Lubrication
A156Heating With Microwaves
A158Synthesis of Dynamical Systems
A159Handbook of Industrial Materials
A160Industrial Uses of Mechanical Vibrations
A161The Shop Wisdom of Philip Duclos
A162Steam Engine Principles
A163Copper Work
A164Shop & Plant Short Cuts
A165Curious Mechanical Movements
A166Metal Spinning
A167How to Repair Briggs & Stratton Engines
A168Machinery Encyclopaedia Vol 1
A169Machinery Encyclopaedia Vol 2
A170Machinery Encyclopaedia Vol 3
A171Machinery Encyclopaedia Vol 4
A172Machinery Encyclopaedia Vol 5
A173Machinery Encyclopaedia Vol 6
A174Machinery Encyclopaedia Index
A176Archdale Drilling Machines
A177Elements of Mechanism
A178Jens Olsen's Clock
A179Automobile Engineering
A180Design of Grey Iron Castings
A181Steam Boiler Construction
A182Mechanics and Heat
A183Engineering Workshop Manual
A184Gloucestershire Clock and Watch Makers
A185French Polishers' Manual
A186Baker Valve GearsHawthorn
A187Painting and Lining Models
A189The Reading Lathe
A190Metal Working
A191Clocks and Watches
A192The Evolution of the Steam Engine
A193Carbonic Acid Gas and Air Engines
A194Locomotive Valves and Valve Gears
A195Lead Acid Batteries
A196How to run Three Phase Motors on Single Phase Power
A198Fluid Sealing
A199Rubber in Engineering
A200The M.E. Lathe Manual
A201Work Processes and Materials
A202Workshop Chatter
A203Model 4 Stroke Petrol Engines
A204Workshop Precision Grinding
A206South Bend Machine Tools
A207The Quorn
A208Brown and Sharp Automatics
A209Practical Steel and Metalwork
A210A First Course in Engineering Science
A211Newne's Engineers Reference Book 1949
A212Stationary Steam Engines of Great Britain - Vol 6George Watkins
A213The Steam Engine 1891D K Clark
A215Glass Fibre for Amateurs1966C M Lewis
A2161001 Mechanical FactsM.A.P.
A217Beginners Guide to the Lathe1966Percival Marshall
A218Bearing Design and Fitting1976Ian Bradley
A219The Drilling Machine1973
A220Metalwork Theory1964J. Green
A228How "not" to Paint a Locomotive2006Christopher Vine
A238Know Your Lathe1977Boxford Machine Tools
A240Heritage Steam PlantR J Garnett
A241Mechanics and Applied HeatMoorfield and Winstanley
A242Introducing BenchworkStan Bray
A243Adhesives and SealantsDavid Lammas
A244The Engineering Design Manual for Lead BalloonsW Fairney
A245Richard Stephens & The Clevedon Motor CarsW Fairney
A246The Knife and Fork ManW Fairney
A247Practical Electrical Engineering Vol 1Newnes
A248Lubrication in PracticeW.S.Robertson
A249Walscharts Valve Gear1980Henry Greenly
A250Workshop Technology Part11976W.A.J.Chapman
A251Hardening,Tempering and Heat Treatment1984Tubal Cain
A252Screw Cutting in the Lathe1995Martin Cleeve
A253Milling Operations in the Lathe2006Tubal Cain
A254Workshop Drawing1988Tubal Cain
A255Gears and Gear Cutting1993Ivan Law
A256Workshop Electrics1994Alex Weiss
A257Workshop Construction1995Forrest & Jennings
A258Electric Motors in the Home Workshop1996Jim Cox
A259Home Workshop Hints and Tips1997Vic Smeed
A260Practical Electrical Enginnering Vol 2Newnes
A261Practical Electrical Enginnering Vol 3Newnes
A262Practical Electrical Enginnering Vol 4Newnes
A263Practical Electrical Enginnering DataNewnes
BRailways Section
B1150 Years of the British Steam Locomotive1975B.Reed
B2A Lifetime with Locomotives1975R.V.Bond
B3Great Western Power1975W.A.Taplin
B4Midland Steam1973W.A.Taplin
B5Britain's Railway Liveries 1825 - 19481980E.C.Carter
B6British Steam Locomotive Builders1975J.W.Lowe
B7History of the Highland Locomotive1947M.C.Allchin
B8Handbook of Railway Stations1875Unknown
B9The History of the Midland Railway1875F.S.Williams
B10Steam in Camera 1898 - 19601981P.Russell
B11Splendour of British Steam1980P.B.Whitehouse
B12Maunsell Locomotives1977B.Haresnape
B13The History of the G.W.R. 1833 - 1863 (Vol 1)1972E.McDermot
B14Great Western Steam (Vol 2)1978D.Bradford
B15Standard Gauge G.W.R. 4-4-0 1898 - 19101977O.S.Nock
B17Scottish Railway History1967J.Thomas
B18The Great Northern Railway1958O.S.Nock
B19Pictorial Encyclopædia of Railways1976Hamilton-Ellis
B20British Rail Track1964British Railways
B21Introduction to the Steam Locomotive1946H.Webbster
B22Locomotive Valves and Valve Gear1949G.S.Lake
B23Locomotive Engineers' Pocket Book 1936 - 19371937Loco Publishing
B24The Countryman's Steam Manual1996John Haining
B25Raising Steam1989Denis Griffiths
B26Railways in the Cotswolds1981C.Maggs
B28The North London Railway1979H.M.S.C
B29L.S.W.R. To Enginemen, Management of their Engines1908D.Drummond
B30Building Britain's Locomotives1979J.W.Lowe
B31Portraits of Kings1979Holden & Leech
B32Portraits of Castles1981Holden & Leach
B33Trains in Trouble, Vol 11980K.Hoole
B34Trains in Trouble, Vol 21981K.Hoole
B35Trains in Trouble, Vol 31982K.Hoole
B36Trains in Trouble, Vol 41983K.Hoole
B37Railway Liveries of the Southern Railway1982B.Haresnape
B38Railway Liveries of the Great Western Railway1983B.Haresnape
B39St. Philips Marsh Bristol1981D.J.Fleming
B40Caledonian Cavalcade1975A.I.Glen
B41The Bristol Port and Railway Pier1975C.Maggs
B42The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway1980C.Maggs
B43Britain's Railways under Steam1980J.B.Snell
B44History of Railways Vol 1 (Bound Magazines)1978Compiled
B45History of Railways Vol 2 (Bound Magazines)1978Compiled
B46Great Trains (Bound Magazines)1978Compiled
B47Pictorial Record of British Standard Locomotives1982E.Talbot
B48Railway Liveries of the Midland and Scottish Railways1983B.Haresnape
B50Railway Anthology1965P.B.Whitehouse
B51The Birth of British Rail1979M.R.Bonavia
B52The Midland Compound1964O.S.Nock
B53The L.N.W.R. Precursor Family1966O.S.Nock
B56G.W.R. Saint Class 4-6-01983O.S.Nock
B57The Limited Cornish Riviera Express1979O.S.Nock
B58The Southern King Arthur Family1976O.S.Nock
B60The Caledonian Dunalasters1968O.S.Nock
B61William Stanier1964O.S.Nock
B62The L.N.W.R.1960O.S.Nock
B63Speed Records on British Railways1971O.S.Nock
B65L.N.E.R. Steam1969O.S.Nock
B66Railway Race to the North1958O.S.Nock
B67British Steam Locomotives1964O.S.Nock
B68The British Steam Railway Locomotive 1825 - 19251965O.S.Nock
B69The British Steam Railway Locomotive 1925 - 19651967O.S.Nock
B70Truly Great Western1972M.Earley
B71The Archaeology of Railways1981R.Ransom
B72G.W.R. Diesel Railcars1985J..Russell
B73Preserved Steam in Britain1979P.Whitehouse
B74A Pictorial Record of the Great Western Engine1978J.H.Russell
B75Twenty Locomotive Men1958C.Ellis
B76The British Pacific Locomotive1962J.Allan
B77Locomotive Adventures, Vol 11964H.Holcroft
B78Locomotive Adventures, Vol 21965H.Holcroft
B79Salute to the Great Western1970G.J.Allen
B80Glory of Steam1981E.Treacy
B81Renaissance from Rust 1968 - 19731973C.G.Wood
B82From Inverness to Crewe1965M.Evans
B83Bullied Locomotives1979B.Haresnape
B84Pacific Steam1961M.Evans
B85The Atlantic Era1961M.Evans
B86Diesel Traction on British Rail1962British Railways
B87Inside a Diesel Locomotive1950B.Cooper
B88Maunsell's Locomotives1980D.W.Winkworth
B89British Atlantic Locomotives1968C.J.Allan
B90Veterans of Steam1983C.Garratt
B91Swindon Steam 1921 - 19511914K.J.Cook
B92The North Eastern Railway1974C.J.Allan
B93The Great Eastern Railway1975C..J.Allan
B94British Steam since 19001969W.A.Tuplin
B95The Somerset and Dorset Railway1970R.Athill
B96Locomotives of the L.B.S.C. Railway1928J.Maskelyne
B97Historic Locomotive Drawings in 4 mm Scale1952F.J.Roche
B98Great Western Engines1938G.W.R.
B99From Stirling to Gresley 1882 - 19221974F.A.S.Brown
B100Men of the Footplate1954P.R.Wallis
B101The L.M.S. Duchesses1973D.Doherty
B102Great Western Locomotive Practice 1837 - 19471957H.Holcroft
B103London, Brighton and South Coast Railway1960C.H.Ellis
B104Reflections of the Great Western
B105Pictorial History of Steam Power 19801980J.Vanriemsdijk
B106The Atlas of Train Travel1980J.B.Holingsworth
B107Silhouettes of the Great Western1976R.J.Blenkinsop
B109Nigel Gresley1976F.A.S.Brown
B111William Stroudley1968J.Cornwall
B112British Railway's Standard Steam Locomotives1966E.S.Cox
B113Master Builders of Steam1963H.A.Bulleied
B114The Brighton Line1983J.Eddols
B116Shadows of the Great Western1972R.J.Blenkinsop
B117Railway Manual1950Timkin Ltd
B118The L.M.S. Coach 1923 - 19571969R.J.Essery
B119The G.W.R. Coach 1838 - 19131972J.Russell
B120Great Western Signalling1978A.Vaughan
B121Railways on Postcards1983B.Lund
B122Railway Motor Buses 1902 - 19331978J.Cummings
B123G.W.R. Handbook - The Royal Road1985P.Rees
B124Early Railway Prints1979M.Darby
B126Tales of the Rails1984Ernie Ross
B127Locomotive Names of British Rail1982E.Talbot
B128Railway Stations and Halts in Avon1984Avon C.C.
B129Chronology Construction of British Railways 1778 - 18551983L.James
B130Great Western in Colour1985O.S.Nock
B131Tales of the Great Western1982G.Davies
B133Railway Ghosts1985J.A.Brooks
B134G.W.R. Road Vehicles1985P.J.Kelly
B136The Story of the Train1983P.Whitehouse
B137Trains and Railways
B138Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway
B139Railway Bridge Maintenance
B140Cavan and Leitrim Railway
B142Steam, Great Trains and Railways
B143Pictorial History of Trains
B144Railways of the 19th Century
B145Britain's Steam Railways
B146Railway Special 1825 - 1975
B147Severn Tunnel
B148Railways in Avon
B149Garratt Locomotives of the World
B150Bristol Avon Railway
B151History of the L.N.E.R., Vol 1 1923 - 1933
B152History of the L.N.E.R., Vol 2 1934 - 1939
B153History of the L.N.E.R., Vol 3 1939 - 1948
B154History of the G.W.R., Consolidation 1923 - 1929
B155History of the G.W.R., The Thirties 1930 - 1939
B156History of the G.W.R., Wartime and Final Years 1939 - 1945
B157Railways Restored
B158G.W.R. Signalling Days
B159British Railways
B160G.W.R. Stars, Castles and Kings Pt 1 & Pt 2
B161Bibliography of British Railway History
B162Bullied Power, Merchant Navy Class
B164Broad Gauge
B165History of the Midland and South Western Junction Railway
B166Cambrian Railways 1852 -1888 Vol 1
B167The Call of Steam
B168Symphony in Steam
B169Railways in Wales
B170Historic Railway Disasters
B172Labyrinths of Iron
B173Victorian and Edwardian Locomotives
B174The Railway Builders
B175Our Iron Roads
B176Locomotives Illustrated No 40, The 2-8-0's
B177A 100 Eves Vonat
B178Railway Rebates from Private Sidings Traffic
B179Guide to Private Sidings Problems Railway Rates & Charges1930William Oldham
B180Black Clouds and White Feathers1990Robert C. Turner
B181Ledbury to Gloucester by Rail1985David Possle
B182Railway Handbook 1946 - 19471946editor by the Railway Gazette
B183Manning Wardle and Co Ltd - Loco Works List1982F W Mabbutt
B186Lifetime with Locomotives
B187Outline Great Western Loco Practice 1837 - 19471957H. Holcoft
B189Railway Liveries - London and North Eastern Railway1984Brian Haresnape
B190Great Western Way1985J N Slinn
B192How to drive a Steam Locomotive1979Brian Hollingsworth
B193L.M.S. Remembered
B195Locomotive Panorama, Vol 11965E S Cox
B196Locomotive Panorama, Vol 21966E S Cox
B198Caledonian Railway1961O S Nock
B199Great Western Railway, 150 Glorious Years
B200Engines that Passed1968Hamilton Ellis
B201Discovering Narrow Gauge Railways1972James Buck
B202Preserved Steam in Britain1979Colin Garratt
B204Great Western Album1966R C Riley
B205Atlas of the World's Railways
B206Grime and Glory1985Adrian Vaughan
B207British Railways in Transition1963O S Nock
B212Mineral Railways of the West Country
B214Brunel, the G.W.R. and Bristol
B216Railways of the World
B217The Love of Railways
B218All Colour World of Trains
B219British Steam Railway Locomotives 1825 - 1925
B220Industrial Steam Locomotives
B221The Groudle Glen Railway
B222The American Locomotive, its Development 1830 - 1880
B223Bulleid Pacifics
B224Locomotive Drawings in Liverpool County Museum
B225Un Guide en Images -- Les Trains (French text)
B226Western Dynamometer Car
B227B.R. Signalling Handbook
B228Great Western Progress 1835 - 1935
B229Great Trains of North America
B230Pre-Grouping Railways, Pt 1
B231Steam Trains down the Line
B232Steam in Africa
B233Pre-Grouping Railways, Pt 2
B235Thro' the Lens - Tribute to G.W.R. Photographers
B237The Train now Departing
B238Covering my Tracks
B239Deltic Locomotives of British Rail
B240British Rail Motive Power (abc of)
B241Railways at War since 1917
B242Lilliput Bahn Wein - Prater, Prater Park Vienna
B243Steam from Lowca
B244Steam Trains
B245Model Trains
B246Down the Line to Bristol1986Muriel V. Searle
B247Galloping Geese on the Rio Grande Southern
B248Railways in Avon
B249Locomotives of the Great Western Railway
B250Great Western Railways
B251Palaces on Wheels
B252Early Trains
B253The Lore of the Train
B254Royal Scot
B255The Worlds Railways
B256Locomotives I have Known
B25718-inch Gauge Steam Railways1993Mark Smithers
B258One Hundred Years of Steam Locomotives
B259Steam Railways of the World
B262Canadian Pacific
B263Toy Trains
B265World of Steam
B266Railway Lovers' Companion
B268Early Railways
B269Railways of the World, Vol 1
B270Railways of the World, Vol 2
B271The Kerry Tramway
B272W G Bagnall Limited
B273The Railway Foundry Leeds
B274The Development of the Locomotive1989Clement E Stretton
B276The Cromford and High Peak Railway
B277The High Peak and Tissington Railways
B278Daniel Gooch
B280The Great Western at Swindon Works
B281Channel Tunnel Trains
B282Single Wheeler Locomotives
B283Handcars, Railcars and Railbuses of the Sandy River
B284The Crampton Locomotive
B285The Irish Narrow Gauge
B287M & G N J R Locomotives
B288Highland Locomotives
B289Drummond Locomotives
B290Southern Electrics
B291The West Midlands
B292History of the L.M.S., Pt 1
B293History of the L.M.S., Pt 2
B294History of the L.M.S., Pt 3
B296The Railway Carriers
B297The Railway Navvies
B298Railways of Western Europe
B30060 years of Western Engines Running
B301Shays and other Geared Locos
B302D.C. Electric Trains and Locos
B303Bogie Carriages of the S.E. and C.R.
B304Crewe to Carlisle
B305Locomotive Performance - a footplate survey1979Ronald I. Nelson
B306One Man's Railway
B307The Great RailwayPierre Berton
B308The Great Days of the Country RailwayDavid Thomas& P Whitehouse
B309Collett& HawksworthLocomotivesBrian Haresnape
B310The Great Western RailwayDavid Thomas& P Whitehouse
B311Somerset and Dorset
B312Branch lines of SomersetColin Maggs
B313Cornwall's RailwaysTony Fairclough
B315Princes RisboroughThame Oxford Railway
B316Steam 75
B317Railways of the RajM Satow & R Desmond
B318The Great Western Railway - Gas Turbines
B319Narrow Gauge Railways - England and the fifteen inch1989Humphrey Household
B320Narrow Gauge - Two Feet and Under1988Leslie S. Robinson
B321The Ravenglass and Eskdale RailwayW J K Davies
B322Ratty - a history of the Ravenglass and Eskdale railway1947W. McGowan Gradon, B.A.
B323Famous British Trains1936R. Barnard Way
B324Vulcan Foundry Locomotives1976D.S.E. Gudgin, C.E, F.I.Mech.E.
B325Steam on Britain's Miniature Railways1976Robin Butterell
B326Great Northern Steam1971W Tuplin
B327Locomotive Boiler Explosions1983C Hewison
B328Trains Around the World1972
B330Narrow Gauge Railways1988Humphrey Household
B331Still in Steam1978E.L.Cornwell
B332Mark Huish and the London & North Western Railway1972T.R.Gourvish
B333Trains 'sixtynine1968J.B.Snell
B334Rocket 1501980O.S.Nock
B335Branch Line to Minehead1990Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith
B336Light Railways1964W.J.Davies
B337Great Western Railway Halts (vol 1)1990K.Robertson
B338Portrait of Steam1991Eric E. Treacy
B339Victorian and Edwardian Railway Travel 1990J. Spence
B340Steaming through Cornwall1994Peter Hay
B341Great Western Steam in Cornwall1974Brian Butt and Tony Fairclough
B342Twilight of Steam1972Colin Garratt
B343Bodwin and Wadebridge1979Tony Fairclough and Alan Willls
B344Masterpieces in Steam1973Colin Garratt
B345Great Western Steam Around Bristol
B346Golden Years of Steam Trains
B347Last Days of Steam in Bristol & Somerset
B348Explore Britain's Steam Railways
B349Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Railways
B350Colin Garrett's World of Steam
B351The Golden Age of SteamDean Server
B352Great Western 4-6-0s at WorkMichael Rutherford
B353Echoes of the Great WesternR J Blenkinsop
B354The Love of Trains- Steam and DieselV Hand & H Edmonson
B355The Iron Sherpa vol 1Terry Martin
B356The Iron Sherpa vol 2Terry Martin
B357A Pictorial Record of GWR Engines - vol 1J H Russell
B358A Pictorial Record of GWR Engines - vol 2J H Russell
B359GW Main line SteamT.E Williams
B360The Somerset & Dorset RailwayRobin Atthill
B361Portraits of KingsB Holden & K Leech
B362Cotswald MemoriesR Pilgrim & D Edwards
B363Loco Engineers of GWRDenis Griffiths
B364Somerset & Avon Railways Old PicturesJkevin Robertson.
B365History of the GWR 1923-47O.S.Nock
B366Go Great Western Speed to the WastR B Wilson
B367West Country Railway HistoryD St John Thomas
B368GWR Mag Sept 1935 No:9Art Edition
B639GWR Mag Dec 1983 Vol1Lyttelton
B370GWR Vol1 March84 Unknown
B371GWR Vol1 Nov 84Unknown
B372GWR Vol1 Aug 84Unknown
B373Western Rail Trail1962Norman McKillop
B375The Mangostfield to Bath BranchC G Maggs
B376The Preserved Steam Album1986David c. Rogers
B377Gresley’s Class P2 Locomotives2016Andrew Hardy
B564Swindon and the GWRR Tompkins & P Sheldon
B565The Great Western at Swindon WorksA S Speck
B643GWR Vol2 June 86Unknown
B644GWR Vol2 Dec 85 Unknown
B645Through Countrside and Coalfield GWRMike Vinvent
B646Great Western SteamW.A.Tuplin
B646Steam Around BristolRex O Coffin
B647Loco's Of the Roal Road GWR Rail BookW.G.Chapman
B648Broad Gauge Science MuseumLance Day
B649Tales of the rails Bristol BroadsidesErnie Ross
B650Great Wester Saints and SinnersW.A.Tuplin
B651James Watt and the Steam EngineHW Dickenson & R Jenkins
B652GWR The Badminton LineK Robertson & D Abbott
B653GWR Consolidation 23-29Perter Semmens
B656The Power of Steam1982Asa Briggs
B657The Banbury and Cheltenham Railway 87-62J H Russell
B658Pictorial Record Great Western Engines Vol 1J H Russell
B659GWR Freight WagonsJ H Russell
B660The Somerset and Dorset in 50sIvo Peters
B661The Western Since 1948G, Freeman Allen
B662GW Engines Sheds 1947E Lyons
B663Truly the Great WesternM Earley
B664GWR Railway Halts Vol1Kevin Robertson
B665Branch lines of SomersetColin G Maggs
B666GWR Engines Vol2J H Russell
B667GWR 150 Glorious YearsP, Whitehouse D St John
B668Historical Survey of GWR StationsR H Clark
B669The GWR Stars Castles and KingsO S Nock
B670Portraits of CastlesB Holden & K Leech
B671Railways of Britain A Journey through HistoryJack Simmons
B672GWR 4-6-0 2-6-0 CylinderRodger Bradley
B673Rail Centres BristolColin Maggs
B674GW Engine Sheds 1837-1947E Lyons E Mountford
B675The Power of the B1's1994Peter Swinger
B676Evocotive Steam1985Paul Richardson
B677Wartime On The Railways2006David Wragg
B678A Pictorial History of Canal Craft1979Peter L. Smith
B679LBSC His Life and Locomotives2003Briam Hollingsworth
B680The Railways of Keynsham1997Russel Leitch
B681History of The Southern Railway Vol 1 & 2 CombinedC F Dendy Marshall , RW Kidner
B682The Twilight of World Steam1975Ron Ziel and Mike Eagleson
B683The Railway Clearing House 1842 - 19221968Philip Bagwell
B684Thames & Severn A Regional History Vol 131981Rex Christianson
B685Yeadons Register of LNER Locomotives Vol 6 Thopson B12001
B686North Eastern Record Vol 3Historical Model Railway Society
B687The Illustrated History of Railways in BritainGeoffrey Freeman Allen
B688The Oban Line An Illustrated History BookletTom Weir
B699The Years Between 1909 - 1969 WN & SN Omnibus Companies1960R J Crawley & FD Simpson
B700Hunslett Narrow Guage Locomotives2000Andrew Neale
B701The Historic Locomotive Handbook1960H.C.Casserley
B702A SOUrce Book of Underground Railways1980John R. Day
The History of The Great Western Railway 1.Consolidation 1923 - 291985Peter Semmens
An Historical Survey of Selected Great Western Stations1976R. H. Clark
Model Engineering Section
C1Painting and Lining Models1976R C Rogers
C2Outdoor Model Railways1970M.Evans
C4Model Locomotive Boilers1969M.Evans
C6Model Locomotive Valve Gears1980M.Evans
C8The Live Steam Book1954L.B.S.C.
C9Tich - Simple Locomotive Construction1972L.B.S.C.
C10Model Locomotive Construction in 4 mm Scale1980G.Williams
C11Miniature Locomotive Construction in OO Gauge1977J.A.Hern
C12Model Railways 1838 - 19391962H.Ellis
C13Model Railroads1981Brian Hollingsworth
C14Walschaert's Valve Gear1976D.Ashton
C15Stephenson's Valve Gear1976D.Ashton
C16Building "Evening Star" in 3½" Gauge1980M.Evans
C17Building "Rob Roy" in 3½" Gauge1979M.Evans
C19Model Steam Locomotives1979H.Greenly
C23Caribou in 3½" Gauge1977M.Evans
C24Virginia in 3½" Gauge1975L.B.S.C.
C26Build Your Own Drill Press
C28Model Racing Yacht Construction
C29Radio Control for Model Yachts
C30Model Engineers' Handbook
C31The Book of the Unimat
C32Building a Gas Fired Crucible Furnace
C34Screw Threads and Twist Drills1977Ian Bradley
C35Metrication for the Model Engineer
C36Projects for the Unimat
C37Rainhill, For Old Times Sake
C38The Coluzzi Collection
C39Model Boat Construction
C40Mabel Hall in 2½"Gauge
C41Scale Model Ships
C42Model Making - Lost Technology Series
C44Model Locomotive Boiler Making
C45Model Railway and Engineering Catalogue
C47So You Want To Build a Live Steam Locomotive
C48Flying Scale Models
C52Model Boilers and Boilermaking1967K.N.Harris
C53Greenly's Model Steam Locomotives
C54Mona - A Simple Tank Engine
C55Princess Marina - an L.M.S. Mogul Class
C57Betty the Mongoliper
C60Locomotives Worth Modelling
C61Building The Steam Engine "Victoria"
C63Building the "Williamson" Engine
C64Building the Overcrank Engine "Georgina"
C65Building the "Climax"
C69Model Engineer Plans Handbook
C70Raritan in 3½" Gauge
C71Building the "Shay"
C72Building the "Heisler"
C75The Best of "Live Steam" Vol 1
C76The Best of "Live Steam" Vol 2
C77One and a Half Inch Steam Roller
C78Traction Plan Book
C81Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling
C82Rob Roy and "William"
C84Complete Railway Modelling
C85Simple Electrical Working Models
C86Voici Emma (how to build a 2-6-0 tender locomotive)
C87Blasts, Drafts and Petticoats1997compiled by Colin MacEke
C88Locomotives I Have Known
C89The Model Engineers' Workshop Manual
C90An Introduction to Stirling Engines
C91Making Stirling Engines
C92Miniature Railway Engines
C93Motors for 0-Gauge
C95Live Steam Injectors
C96Severn Lamb Ltd.
C97Ramah machines metal disintegrator
C98Pattern Making
C99Model Steam Locomotive construction
C100G.W.R. Locomotives to scale1981Ian Beattie
C101Southern Locomotives to scale1981Ian Beattie
C102L.M.S.R. Locomotives to scale1981Ian Beattie
C103L.N.E.R. Locomotives to scale1981Ian Beattie
C104B.R. Locomotives to scale1981Ian Beattie
C105Model Railway Engines
C108Model Radio Control1977Paul Newell
C109Boat Modelling1966Vic Smeed
C115Seventeenth-Century Rigging1969R.C.Anderson
C116SS Great Britain - The Model Ship
C117Manual of Model Steam Locomotive ConstructionM Evans
C118Historic Locomotive Drawings in 4mm scaleF J Roche
C119Small Locomotives1990H White
C120Model Boilers Locomotive and Marine1988Martin Evans
C121Model Stationary and Marine Engines1975K.N.Harris
DTraction Engines & Road Rollers
D2Steam on the Common Roads1972W.Fletcher
D3Burrel Showman's Locomotive1971M.Lane
D4The Development of the English Traction Engine1960Clark
D6A Rally of Traction Engines1974B.J.Finch
D7The Complete Traction Engineman1973W.J.Hughes
D8Garretts of Leiston1963R.A.Whitehead
D11The Steam Scene, Vol 11976R.Blenkinsop
D12The Steam Scene, Vol 21976R.Blenkinsop
D13The Steam Scene, Vol 31977R.Blenkinsop
D15Building and Running Steam Traction Models1971H.R.Pladstow
D16Building the "Alchin"1979W.J.Hughes
D17Building a Model Traction, "Minnie"1982L.C.Mason
D19Steam Traction Engines
D20The Countryman's Steam Manual
D21Steam in the Veins
D22Steam Power in Agriculture
D25Steam Traction Engines, Memories of the Men/Machines
D26The Rotary Aero Engine
D27Steam on the Road
D28Farming with Steam
D29Fred Dibnah Story
D30Making Model Gypsy Caravans1978John Thompson
D31Horse Drawn Carriages1980John Thompson
D32Smoke Drifting over the Reeds2003Anthony J. Ward
D33Scale Model Traction Engine Design and Construction2004Edward George
D34Traction Engines in Close UpE H Sawford
D35Steam on the Road1974
D36Model traction engine constuctionJohn Haining
EGeneral Interest Section
E2The Rail Gun1973Batchlor-Hogg
E3Bristol Channel Pleasure Steamers1973R.Wall
E4Miniature World of Henry Greenly1973E.Steel
E5English Fairs1975I.Stanmore
E6How Things Work, Vol 11974Paladin
E7How Things Work, Vol 21974Paladin
E8The Wonders of Victorian Engineering1978A. Andrews
E9How to drive a Steam Locomotive1979B.Hollingsworth
E11Copper Mining in Cornwall1961D.Barton
E12Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci1980C.Gibb-.Smith
E14L.B.S.C.; His Life and Locomotives1980B.Hollingsworth
E15The Textile Mill Engine, Vol 11971G.Watkins
E16The Textile Mill Engine, Vol 21971G.Watkins
E17Victorian Engineering1977L Rolt
E18Famous Paddle Steamers1971M.A.P.
E19The Iron Ship1980E.corlett
E20Brunel's Britain1980D.Beckett
E22Model Power Boats1969Vic Smeed
E23The British Steam Tram1978
E24Photographing Historic Buildings1984H.M.S.O
E25The Bassett-Lowke Story1984
E26Motoring in the Thirties1979G.Robson
E27End of a Chapter1946T.W.W.
E29Model Boat Propellers1972M.A.P.
E30Painting and Lining Models1959R.Rogers
E31Illustrated Encyclopædia of Automobiles1979D.Wise
E32The Raising of the "Vasa"1962R.Saunders
E33Running on Empty1979L.R.Brown
E34What the Postman Saw1982A Brooks
E35Weston-Super-Mare Tramways1974C.Maggs
E36Isambard Kingdom Brunel1957L.Rolt
E37Textile Science1969A.J.Holt
E39Ocean Liners1984R.Wall
E40British Aerospace since 19101986
E41Clocks and Watches
E42My First Fifty Years with Steam1985D.Young
E43The Concorde Story1986C.Olebar
E44Great Inventors1957N.Wymer
E45The History of the Smelting Industry1968E.J.Cocks
E47Alternating Currents1915A.Hay
E48Nuclear Reactors1957E.Taylor
E49Elementary Nuclear Physics1958W.Mansfield
E50Practical Distiller (first published 1889)
E51Parnall's in Memoriam
E52The Modern Blacksmith
E53The Making of Tools
E54Skinley Catalogue
E55Windmills and Wind Motors
E57Electronics for Technical Engineers1970W.W.Smith
E58Industrial Electronics1969C.W.Eggleton
E59General Engineering Workshop Practice1941Odhams Press
E60The Sky Their Frontier1983Robert Jackson
E62How to make a Weight Driven 8 Day Wall Clock
E63How to make a simple Battery Driven Clock
E65Tools for the Job
E66Watches - Adjustment and Repair
E67507 Mechanical Movements (reprint of 1893 work)
E68Heath Robinson's Inventions
E69West Cornwall in the Old Days
E70100 Years in Somerset
E71Somerset in the Old Days
E72The Liners
E73Bristol Maritime Heritage Centre
E74Doddington Carriage Museum
E75West Country
E76Britannia Revisited
E77Buses, Trolleys & Trams
E78Engineering Heritage, Vol 1
E79Trams in Old Postcards
E80Doomsday Preserved
E81The Rotary Aero Engine
E83Stephenson's Britain
E85Early Years of the Bristol Telephone
E86Louis Shaw
E87National Engines
E88National Gas Engines
E89National Productions
E90The Swindon Works of G.W.R.
E91The G.W.R. & Bristol Brunel
E92Out of the Fiery Furnace
E93Joseph Day
E94Arithmetic of Alternating Currents 1925
E95Electrical Fundamentals 1956
E96Making Rocking Horses 1992
E97Britain's Canal and River Craft
E98Electricity in Bristol
E99Electricity in Taunton
E100One Hundred Years of Electricity Supply
E101Electricity in Britain
E102The Willing Servants
E10360 Years On
E104Electric Vehicles
E105Making of the Motorcar
E106Companion to the Industrial Revolution
E107The Power of Steam
E108The 1906 Bing Toy Catalogue
E109Bristol Aerospace since 1910
E111Queen Mary
E112The Southdown Story
E113Watch Repairer's Manual
E114Watchmakers and Clockmakers
E116Science of Clocks and Watches
E117Practical Watch Repairing
E120Shot Down in Flames1999Geoffrey Page
E121Perfect in EveryPart - The World of Francis Simpson
E122The Wonder Book of Ships1935Harry Golding
E123The Poetry of Railsways1966Kenneth Hopkins
E124The Non Rotative Beam EngineMaurice Kelly
FMilitary Section
F2Churchill Tank
F3Fire and Movement
F4Cromwell Tank
F5The British Tank
122Concorde's Home Coming; 26th November 2003 { 2 discs }
123The Talyllyn Railway: Preservation Pioneers!
133The Story of the Lancaster [donated by Adrian Gough]
134Canford Park Miniature Railway + family film
135Isle of Wight Steam Spectacular [donated by Geoff Hinbest]
136Let's Go To Birmingham
138The Somerset & Dorset Commemorated [from the late Derek Birks]
139The Classic Age of the Steam Railway [from the late Derek Birks]
140The SettleCarlisle Railway [from the late Derek Birks]
141Decades of Steam the 1940s [from the later Derek Birks]
142Classic Train Journeys South West England [from the late Derek Birks]
143Classic Train Journeys SCOTLAND [from the late Derek Birks]
144Steam through the Vale of Rheidol [from the late Derek Birks]
145The LNER then and now [from the late Derek Birks]
146Railways Restored North East England [from the late Derek Birks]
147The ELIZABETHAN 1994 [from the late Derek Birks]
148MALLARD the greatest of them all [from the late Derek Birks]
149Steam around Bristol [from the late Derek Birks]
150Railways of Britain vol 3; the South West [from the late Derek Birks]
151Fred Dibnah DVD and book set
152British steam British narrowgauge DVD and book set
Converted into DVD's
37BRIMLEC 1992 (27 September 1992)
38The Whitechapel Foundry the recasting a bell from St. Mary's Church, Yatton (6 August 1992)
39The West Highlander twenty years after the end of steam
40Great Little Trains of Wales transferred to DVD 40
41Great Little Trains of Wales transferred to DVD 40
42Great Little Trains of Wales transferred to DVD 40
43Great Little Trains of Wales transferred to DVD 40
44Engine Whistle Blowing the centenary of the Talyllyn Railway transferred to DVD 44
46See how they ran the story of the Cambrian Railway transferred to DVD 46
47the secret life of The Car transferred to DVD 47
48the secret life of The Sewing Machine transferred to DVD 47
49the secret life of The Quartz Watch transferred to DVD 47
50the secret life of The Telephone transferred to DVD 47
51the secret life of The Radio Set transferred to DVD 47
52the secret life of The Video Recorder transferred to DVD 47
53STEAM on the Settle & Carlisle
54BRIMLEC 1993 (12 September 1993)
55Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition 1993
56Steam Reflections the magic of the Severn Valley Railway
57Steam Reflections Mainline Steam 1990 part 1
58Steam Reflections Mainline Steam 1990 part 2
59Honorary Life Membership to Ken Cribb (6 November 1993)
60The Diamond Lathe Tool Holder
61One Iron Horse the story of an engine's journey by road
62Steam across the mountains The Zig-Zag Railway
63Making Tracks Railways around the World Number 1
64Making Tracks Railways around the World Number 2
65Making Tracks Railways around the World Number 3
66The sound of the bell
67How to drive steam locomotives transferred to DVD 67
68Making Tracks, BBC 1994 Series, Number 1 transferred to DVD 70
69Making Tracks, BBC 1994 Series, Number 2 transferred to DVD 70
70Making Tracks, BBC 1994 Series, Number 3 transferred to DVD 70
7121st Anniversary at APR (4 June 1994) / Visitors' Day (5 June 1994) transferred to DVD 71
72The Valiant Few the Cludo Club visits APR (26 July 1996)
73The Wadebridge locomotive project transferred to DVD 73
74The last running day 1994 (16 October 1994)
76The Channel Tunnel gateway to Europe
77Bath Road round the clock transferred to DVD 77
78BRIMLEC 1994 (25 September 1994) transferred to DVD 78
79BRIMLEC 1995 (10 September 1995)
80IMLEC 1995 the Bristol competitors
81Making Tracks 1995
82End of season rally 1995 / Leaver's Day tranferred to DVD 82
83The Lord Mayor visits ACER (1995) / Winter Workers
84Lionsmeet 1996 (17 August 1996)
85BRIMLEC 1996 (1 June 1996)
86BRIMLEC 1997 (31 May 1997)
87BRIMLEC 1998 (30 May 1998)
88The Pines Express [donated by Gordon Dando] transferred to DVD 88
89Exhibition video, No 1 (Ashton Court Miniature Railway, 1994 1996) transferred to DVD 90
90Exhibition video, No 2 (Ashton Court Miniature Railway) transferred to DVD 90
91Exhibition video, No 3 (Ashton Court Miniature Railway, 1996 1997) transferred to DVD 90
92Bristol Model Engineering & Hobbies Exhibition '97
93Bristol Model Engineering & Hobbies Exhibition '97
94Bristol Model Engineering & Hobbies Exhibition '97
95Bristol Model Engineering & Hobbies Exhibition '97
96No Diesels Allowed Alan Church's visit to L.A. and Galeto R.R. Club transferred to DVD 96
97An introduction to Hot Air Engines (vol. 1)
98A short history of BSMEE 1909 1996
99MechaTronics VC1 - sensing intelligence: VC2 - a robot in the parlour? transferred to DVD 100
100MechaTronics VC3 - execution transferred to DVD 100
101MechaTronics VC4 - strategies for search transferred to DVD 100
102Dan Jeavons Steam & Diesel Castings Locomotive Catalogue
103Copy of X55 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition 1993
104Giants of Steam [b&w, 1963]
1051996 Don Young Designs Rally (ACE Miniature Railway, 2 June 1996) transferred to DVD 105
106Ashton Court Estate Miniature Railway 1997
1074 hour video for showing at the 90th birthday celebrations tape 1
1084 hour video for showing at the 90th birthday celebrations tape 2
109Archive British Diesel and Electric Traction volume 1
110aux commandes du TGV nord Europe [in French, donated by Stan Bray]
111de Paris Londres aux commandes d'Eurostar [in French, donated by Stan Bray]
112deux hommes et une machine [in French, donated by Stan Bray]
113Majestic Daze vol 1 no 2 [donated by Frank Buffham]
114Majestic Daze vol 1 no 3 [donated by Frank Buffham]
115The Splendour of Steam [donated by Roger Tetchner]
116All change at Evercreech Junction [donated by Mark Phillips]
117Railway Roundabout 1958 [donated by Jim Lewis]
118Railway Roundabout 1959 [donated by Jim Lewis]
119Railway Roundabout 1960 [donated by Jim Lewis]
120Railway Roundabout 1961 [donated by Jim Lewis]
121Railway Roundabout 1962 [donated by Jim Lewis]
121Models at Thornbury HTV 16th August 2002 [ donated by Ken Moody]
122Concorde's Home Coming 26th November 2003 (2 discs)
123The Talyllyn Railway: Preservation Pioneers! transferred to DVD 123
124I.M.L.E.C. 2003 (at B.S.M.E.E.)
125The Great Western Experience [donated by Colin Sheppard]
126From Cape to Cairo [donated by Colin Sheppard]
12725 years of Steam; 1968 1993 [donated by Colin Sheppard]
128the glorious days of the Express Steam Train [donated by Colin Sheppard]
129Flying Scotsman; the Australian tour [donated by Colin Sheppard]
130Relics of the Raj [donated by Colin Sheppard]
131The Festiniog Railway [donated by Colin Sheppard]
132The Great Little Trains of Wales [donated by Colin Sheppard] transferred to DVD 40
133The Story of the Lancaster [donated by Adrian Gough] transferred to DVD 133
134Canford Park Miniature Railway + family film
135Isle of Wight Steam Spectacular [donated by Geoff Hinbest] transferred to DVD 135
136Let's Go To Birmingham
137World Steam Today Eastern Europe & Africa
138The Somerset & Dorset Commemorated [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 138
139The Classic Age of the Steam Railway {1 missing from 2 tapes} [from the late Derek Birks]
140The SettleCarlisle Railway [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 139
141Decades of Steam the 1940s [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 141
142Classic Train Journeys South West England [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 142
143Classic Train Journeys SCOTLAND [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 143
144Steam through the Vale of Rheidol [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 144
145The LNER then and now [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 145
146Railways Restored North East England [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 146
147The ELIZABETHAN 1994 [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 147
148MALLARD the greatest of them all [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 148
149Steam around Bristol [from the late Derek Birks] transferrred to DVD 149
150Railways of Britain vol 3; the South West [from the late Derek Birks] transferred to DVD 150