Getting to Ashton Court

How to get to Ashton Court

The only entrance to our site in the estate is via the Clifton Lodge Gate (see map).
[For SatNav users the post code for the Lodge is BS8 3PX ]
The gate is on the A369 Portishead to Bristol road. Please note that you cannot turn right from the A369 into the estate.

The following routes are suggested:

The A38 from the west:
Nearing the city, leave the A38 following Avonmouth. The route is shown on the map bottom centre. Follow Portishead.
The A370 from Weston-super-Mare , etc: Follow the Long Ashton by-pass on the A370. Turn left at the bottom of the long downhill to follow Portishead.
Use the M4, M5 or M49 from north, east or west to get access to any of the following junctions on the M5:
Junction 17 – Leave the M5 and follow the signs to the City Centre and Zoo. Follow the Elephant signs to the zoo (see top right on map) and come to Ashton Court via the Clifton Suspension bridge (50p toll) and Bridge Road.
Junction18 – Leave the M5 and join the A4 following City Centre and Airport signs. Join the map top centre and follow the A4, then across the harbour and back up Rownham Hill to the gate to the estate.
Junction 19 – Leave the M5 at junction 19 and follow the A369 to Clifton via Toll Bridge. Immediately after the only junction controlled by traffic lights (map top left), turn 2nd left from the A369 after the Leigh Woods sign into North Road and use one of the roads indicated on the map to turn right into Bridge Road and straight in through the gates.