Silver Solder

I am David Ward from Alveston and I manage the Society’s silver solder bank. The Society hold stocks of most solders and fluxes used for copper boiler making as well as citric acid for pickling and a small brazing hearth. There are also some meshes for making spark arrestors. We aim to provide these materials at competitive prices, even for small quantities.

You can contact me by phone (preferably) or e-mail* using the details on the Society Membership List. I will deliver to Begbrook or Ashton or you may arrange to collect from Alveston.

The EU have now banned the retail sale of silver solder containing cadmium from December 2011. We still own stocks of cadmium bearing alloys and members are advised to only use such grades in well ventilated situations, do not overheat the work and avoid breathing fumes.

Stock Items Are :-


Melting Range 620-630oC

50% Silver Contains Cadmium

1mm dia. wire £6.00 per metre

Easyflow No 2

Melting Range 608-617oC

42% Silver Contains Cadmium

1.00mm wire £5 per metre

0.90mm wire £4.50 per metre

0.70mm wire £3.50 per metre

0.50mm wire £2.50 per metre


Melting range 608-655oC

38% Silver. Contains Cadmium. Joint Gap 2-8 thou.

1.5mm rod 600mm long each £4.25

Melting Range 595-630oC

40% Silver contains Cadmium

1.5mm rod, 600mm long each £4.50

Silver Solder 455

Melting range 630-660oC

55% Silver, Cadmium free

0.50mm wire 1m long each £5.00

0.70mm rod 500mm long each £2.25

1.0mm rod 500mm long each £3.00

0.1mm foil 20mm X 150mm each £10.00

1.5mm rod 500mm long each £4.40

1.5mm rod 600mm long each £5.25 (1 rod only)

1.5mm flux coated 500mm long each £5.00

2.00m rod 500mm long each £8.80

2.5mm rod 500mm long each £13.00 (presently out of stock so ASK)

Silver Solder 438

Melting range 650-710oC

40% Silver, Cadmium free

1,5mm rod 500mm long £4.30 each

Silverflo 424 Also listed as C4, Lx13 or 24

Melting range 740-780oC High Temperature

24% Silver, Cadmium free

1.5mm rod



Silver Solder 416  Also listed as B6 & 16

Melting Range 790-830oC

15% Silver Cadmium Free

A colour match for brass

1.5mm rod each £3.00

Comsol Soft Solder

Melting point 296 C

3mm wire

price per foot


Soft Solder Fluxes

CupSol Flux 125ml                                      £8.00

Baker’s No 3 125ml                                     £7.00                                                 

Baker’s No 3 250ml                                         £9.00

Easyflo Flux by Johnson Matthey

General purpose 

Temperature range 550-800oC

Remove residue with warm water or dilute caustic soda.







Tenacity Flux 4A by Johnson Matthey

Higher temperature for step brazing with Silverflo 16 or similar.

Temperature range 600-850oC

Remove residue with 10% sulphuric acid







CuP High Temperature flux

Used for high temperature silver solder or stainless steel

100gm each £5.00

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 12 gauge or 21 Gauge

For Spark arresters.

6X12″ approx. £4 each (either Gauge)

also mild steel mesh (ex fire guard) very malleable but probably will need replacement annually. Ask if interested.

Brazing Hearth

Hearth consists of 3
 vermiculite blocks plus 1 plate (200mm x 230mm) and insulation blanket to fit

£35.00 each (one only at this price –may split)

Citric Acid Crystals For Pickle Bath

95 gms.  in screw top plastic container. Add to 4.5ltrs of clean water in a suitable container to make pickle. £2.50 each.