Club 3D printer

The Club 3D Printer is up and running and I am happy to take on any prints you would like done.

Orders for 5″ scale Class 25 ventilation panels have been filled and a further request for a Moreton brake gear reversal cam is being done at this moment. There is a small charge to cover the cost of the filament used (by weight) . Submit your 3D designs in STL format to . The printer is capable of 200x200x200mm sized prints, but I need some more larger designs to test it’s capability and iron out the bugs. How about a nice flywheel or loco wheel pattern which can be used as a foundry pattern (lost wax or re-usable) .

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Class 25 Loco ventilation panels.

Contact Quenton – for more info or guidelines.



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