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Hi all.

Just a quick post regarding the inexpensive Touch DRO that many people around the world have been building including myself. The project itself was designed by a skilled software developer and model engineer by the name of  Yuriy Krushelnytskiy of Portland, Oregon,who has released the design and firmware under open source licence to enable others to share and collaborate in the project. The DRO consists of some cheap Chinese scales marketed in this country by ArcEurotrade among others, an Android tablet, an Arduino micro controller or MSP430 Touchpad micro controller and a few other electronic bits and pieces. I have used the Arduino and managed to build the scale interface electronics for around £15. The cost of three scales amounted to about £113 and the 10.1 inch Android tablet was a christmas present, but can be bought for around £80. So for about £220 a mill can be fitted with a DRO with a touch screen and three axis readout plus rev counter. The DRO has the following features :-

  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity support
  • Display for up to three* axes
  • Support for metric an imperial units (mm and inch)
  • Support for standard DRO functions:
    • Tool Offset
    • Preset Dimension
    • “1/2” Function
    • Hole Circle (Arch)
    • Hole Grid
  • Unlimited** point memory
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Worskpace preview

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