Help for the new Steam loco

Hi All

I have jus bought a Simplex loco

I will be looking for someone to mentor me in the dark art of loco firing & driving

My simplex comes with a set of irons and  Boiler paperwork

What else should I be asking Santa for to get me running ?

would it be appropriate to bring my new toy to the Steam day on the 1or 2 January

Looking forward to your reply’s

Merry Christmas


Andy Booth



One thought on “Help for the new Steam loco

  1. Hi Andy, bring the loco up on 2nd January by all means. Bring any boiler paperwork with you. That will need checking by one of our boiler inspectors before you do anything. Best to make yourself aware of what you need and what you are short of when you get onto the steaming bay, so that you will know exactly what tools you need to equip your toolbox. Make sure you pick up a Driver Training Handbook. Be aware that, being a steaming bay, you may hear some rather coarse language from certain quarters!!!

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