GWR 1400 Class 5″ gauge model

Help with sourcing number plates needed!

I own two Winson Kits for this engine (I know, I know – not the wisest choice!). One is virtually complete and almost ready to run, the other in very early stages of assembly. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good supplier of scale cabside plates, smokebox plates and shed code plates so that I can complete them.

1451 – I have cabside plates, but need a smokebox number plate and shed code plate for 85B (Gloucester) as this was the original engine’s last shed.

1431 – I need the full set for this kit – cabside;smokebox door and shed code plate. Again that needs to be 85B (Lydney) – a sub shed in the FoD that I spent one very happy summer (1963) unofficially “helping out” servicing the engines in the evenings!

Thanks in anticipation


Steve Richards

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  1. Hi Steve,
    I got the name plates and shed plates for my Class 73 from Maxitrak (Maidstone Engineering Supplies). They charge £50 for a set. There may be a little wait with them as the wait until they have enough for a full sheet to get them etched.

    All my others came from Diane Carney, but I believe she is not doing this anymore.

    Andy B

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