Metal Brackets

I’ve bought a couple of GWR smokebox number plates and now want to mount them in the garage. I’d like to get some brackets fabricated out of 5mm x 30mm mild steel bar (4). Can anyone point me in the direction of a local engineering firm/ engineer who could fabricate these for me. It’s the shape that I want ( [___]) that makes it complicated ie flat U-shape with 25mm returns to screw onto the wall.


Steve Richards


Help needed with my 5″ Gauge GWR 14XX Model

Help required!! (I’m also posting on Facebook) I’ve recently started to build my 5″ Winson (I know, I know – why did I buy it?) GWR 14XX kit which has been in the garage since 1998 awaiting my retirement. Although I have some engineering skills, they do not seem, unfortunately, to be sufficient to overcome the first known problem with this kit of aligning crossheads with the slide bars and stretcher. I’ve had several goes at emerying the crossheads/slide bars but still can’t get one of them right – and, frankly, a bit scared of filing too much material away. The revised stretcher bar never materialised and I’ve been quoted £125 for a replacement! So, is there anyone out there that would be prepared to move this forward for me – I’ll happily pay for time/labour as it will be great to be able to progress this.

Without playing my violin too hard, we’ve got a very sick daughter recovering from a major operation and most of my mental/physical energy is being used in supporting her convalescence over the next 6 weeks – I’d get a real boost if I can find someone to sort out this problem so I can move on to the next stage – I fear there’s bound to be more “issues” with this kit as I go through the stages!

PS Many thanks to the members who responded re the cab/smokebox number plates – these have now been made and are ready to go on my engine(s)

GWR 1400 Class 5″ gauge model

Help with sourcing number plates needed!

I own two Winson Kits for this engine (I know, I know – not the wisest choice!). One is virtually complete and almost ready to run, the other in very early stages of assembly. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good supplier of scale cabside plates, smokebox plates and shed code plates so that I can complete them.

1451 – I have cabside plates, but need a smokebox number plate and shed code plate for 85B (Gloucester) as this was the original engine’s last shed.

1431 – I need the full set for this kit – cabside;smokebox door and shed code plate. Again that needs to be 85B (Lydney) – a sub shed in the FoD that I spent one very happy summer (1963) unofficially “helping out” servicing the engines in the evenings!

Thanks in anticipation


Steve Richards

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