Citric Acid Crystals – Update

Peter Pearson kindly pointed out to me that my offer of citric acid crystals was way over the market price. I have now corrected to £2.50 per 95 gram . Sorry I think I my muddled mind must have typed the number of containers as the price!

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One thought on “Citric Acid Crystals – Update

  1. Used Citric Acid for over 40 years. Yes it does take a bit longer but is particularly good on brasses and bronzes. When spent it just stops working and is easy to dispose of!

    Anyone have a set of wheel castings for 5″ gauge “Ivo Peters” for sale? 2 pony, 8 d&c.
    Reeves ROD or Nigel Gresley will do.

    Dave Powell. mem no. 623.

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