Concrete Apron for Ashton Workshop

Proposed Project

Extension of the concrete apron in front of the Carriage shed and Workshop.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, I am intending to start the above project on either a Saturday or Sunday as a separate working party from the Friday gang (who have plenty already on their plates).

It is hoped that by doing it this way we can involve those members who cannot make a Friday to participate in a project at Ashton.

I shall include a plan below showing what the intention is along with an existing photograph so that the extent of the project is known.

Please let me know if you are interested (e-mail or telephone) so that I can gauge the effort and time needed to complete. It would be helpful if anyone knows of the availability of a small digger (Mechanical not a height impaired Australian).

Alan Hooper

Existing Apron

Concrete Apron Plan



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