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Cluedo Day


This annual event has been running for 26 years and came about following a conversation between a member of the church in Gordano, who run the Cluedo club, and his neighbour Arthur Howard who was a very active club member many will remember.   The club runs an event for children for a week each summer with most activities taking place at Gordano school.  The highlight of their week is when coaches turn up and they travel to the railway at Ashton Court for a fun afternoon.  This year a fleet of coaches turned up with nearly 300 children and helpers.

With six trains on the ground level track and five on the raised track they were quickly loaded and dispatched.   Because there are no tickets to take and children are very sprightly and quick, loading is rapidly carried out and the drivers get very little time to draw breath.  With full loads each time a lot a hard work and concentration is required to keep things moving but everybody has a great time and we even had sunshine to celebrate.

The Chairman of North Somerset Council, Alan Mcmuuray came along with his wife together with two District Councillors and the Head of Planning from Long Ashton.  With the help of the Societies ladies we were able to entertain them in true BSMEE fashion and introduce them to the railway, it’s activities and facilities.   They had a busy time talking to Society members and the organisers of the Cluedo Group who do such a splendid job each year looking after their flock.

Kill or Cure


I am not encouraged to carry out model engineering activities in the kitchen or use any domestic appliances for engineering purposes.  However having just painted my smoke box and chimney with high temperature resistant paint I needed to cure this at a high temperature for 60 mins.    As my wife was going out on Tuesday I thought this a good opportunity and the curing process was duly carried out in the oven.   However when I later came to turn the cooker on it had “blown up” – no lights, no fans, no heat, etc.  A simple check found that the supply to the cooker was ok, so nothing for it but take the cooker  out of it’s housing.  Then the front door opened.  I leave the rest to your imagination.

The good news was that I later managed to mend the cooker but my wife had to help me  put it back.

EGM  7:30pm on Wednesday 31st July at Ashton Court

Please try and get along on Wednesday to give your views.  We need at least 30 members present for a quorum.

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