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Closed for the Winter

The track may be closed for the winter but this is our busiest time when all the work can be done which requires the track to be closed.   We had an excellent turn out for our first working party of the year with everybody working on the numerous projects we have in hand.   All projects have to be completed to allow us to run there is no time to spare and we took advantage of the dry weather to work on the following tasks.

  • Relaying the Ground level track.  The track bed is now complete and the team under Colin McEke will concentrate on making the necessary curved sections of track.
  • Raising the Signal Box.  Terry is busy doing the preparation work and all is ready to start raising the structure next week.
  • Pegasus Annual Service.    David Giles has taken on the responsibility for this work and it was great to see Geoff Hinbest back to give David the benfit of all his knowledge and experience.   Geoff was involved with the build with Jim Lewis and has kept Pegasus going for the last ten years or so.
  • Replacing the 7¼” lift.    Tim Hims turned up with his trailer and took away the existing lift.    He will modify the new lift using bits from the old one and bring it all back when ready.  It will not be long knowing  Tim.
  • Fitting a new controller to the Class 52.   The lead has once more got run over and is beyond repair.  It is a good time to fit a new hand control as the existing one is looking rather tired.
  • New braked bogies for Ground Level Trucks.  Phil Bridgeway and Ron James have developed a new braking system using go-kart calliper brakes and before we next run the four new carriages will each be fitted with a braked bogie.   This will mean all carriages will be fitted with brakes.
  • Clearing the Site of leaves is a never ending job and it was good to see Roger Sykes back to lend a hand.

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