Electric Loco Evening on November 19th at Begbrook



Last year we had an excellent evening discussing and showing various Electric Locomotives of all shapes and sizes.   Please bring along and show your electric locomotive of any gauge from N Gauge to Full Size, you must have one somewhere even if it is only the one that runs round the Christmas Tree.   All will be most welcome and we can discuss any queries you may have.

We should have Michigan body on show – the chassis is a bit of a lump – and can talk about the latest development in this exciting project which may well set a new standard for 5″ gauge locos just as we did with Telford in 7 1/4″ gauge.

This is one of the members locos which will be on display



See you all on November 19th – Come along with your loco and make a Good Evening into a Great Evening

Bob Lilley

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