Michigan almost there.

We took Michigan out into the sun today.  Doesn’t she look good and a credit to all the members who have done so much work  on the hand rails, painting and today Mark and Gerry applied the numbers and letters previously prepared in  line with the original by Mark.

Despite standing all over the winter she started readily in true Honda fashion and was driven by several members who commented on the ease of driving and power available.        In principle she is ready for the new season but I think we will wait until all bits are added including the font deck and steps before introducing her to the public.

I have to say I am delighted with the finished (almost) product.   If she goes as well as she looks, and I have no doubt she will, she will do us proud and be a great new asset for the Society.IMG_1342IMG_1343IMG_1347IMG_1348



Meanwhile “One Match Frank” was enjoying his day.IMG_1340


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