Michigan in Service

Michigan was taken into service today 19 th April and ran trouble free all afternoon.   A good crowd turned up for this auspicious occasion – 1800 rides.  A number of members had a drive and all were very happy with the performance.  No major problems.  Two dummy axle boxes fell off and are somewhere round the track – perhaps the golf ball hunters will come across them.     I managed to knock  a horn off putting the loco back in the carriage shed.   Please note it is now clear that when it is put away in the carriage shed,  it has to go on the road adjacent to the walkway or it fouls the cross  structure of the lift.

Mark and I looking a bit worried about our new baby being out in public for the first time




Our new driver – we like to get them young.  It just shows how easy it is to drive



Tim Hims came along to join in the action


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  1. Bob – it would look much better with a set of steps on the front. Just thought I would get that in before anyone else did!! The laser work should turn up tomorrow (Monday 20th April 2015) and I will ‘fast track’ the assembly.

    Cheers … Kevin

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