Michigan with “Bells and Whistles”

Michigan is finally finished  and doesn’t it look splendid now it has the detailed step with handrails and buck-eye coupling bolted in place.  All Bells and “Whistles” have been added – yes original sounds can now be produced at the flick of a switch



Spot the model!

IMG_1606101 low down


Many people have taken part in the project and I thank them all for their help, support and encouragement but I think three areas of work should be picked out in particular for their contribution to making such an excellent looking model and the fine detailed work achieved by our members.

Andy Harding  has done a tremendous job with the curved front and the detail he has managed to include.  All made out of an old washing machine in the true spirit of model engineering.  Take a close look next time you see it.

The paint job and lining, done by Gerry Fletcher and Arthur Clark, has taken hours of rubbing down and work to get such a splendid finish with such attention to detail and meet the very high standard they set themselves.

IMG_1586 This picture show Terry Phelps putting the finishing touches to the handrails and lettering which he has  designed built and fitted and plays such a major part in adding the realism when compared to the original locomotive.  Terry was also responsible for stitching the three parts together to make a strong and serviceable body.


No doubt many members will get a lot of enjoyment and take pride in driving Michigan round the track.  When you do spare a thought for the hours of work put into the project. by so many members. 

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