New “Project” Section added under the Members category!

Go take a look at the club project suggestions, proposals and ongoing. Listed under the Members menu section of the website.

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Electronics Tech Retired. Interests - Amateur Radio, Electronics, Photography, Model Engineering and as my time served carpenter and joiner father used to say of me, a bit of a wood butcher.

2 thoughts on “New “Project” Section added under the Members category!

  1. Morning Quenton

    Found enough time to start this blog this morning and found you have already beaten me to it. However, on going to the project page, can find no details.

    Alan H

  2. Hi Alan
    If you go to the members section on the menu bar, click on projects and you will see two labels pop up to the right, one is I think concrete apron, the other 3d printer. At the moment, the project page itself is blank and only acts as a tidy label to hold the various project pages under, I’ll think of a better way of doing it shortly.



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