Polly’s Perfect Performance

Took the club’s Polly 6 to Maidstone MES to represent BSMEE at the Polly Owner’s Group Rally on Saturday 26th September. It ran faultlessly all day and gained some very positive comments from a number of other participants, particularly on the paint finish and the general smooth running. Even got a big ‘thumbs up’ from Andy Clarke, owner of the manufacturer, ‘Polly Engineering’. The track is set in the beautiful Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent and is approximately the same length as our track at ACR. We then ran the loco on Sunday 27th for a full day of passenger hauling at Ashton Court. It was in steam continuously from 11.50 am until 17.15 pm. and once again ran faultlessly. For those involved in the build and those currently involved in the maintenance, give yourselves a good old pat on the back!

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Society member since 2004, but gave my first talk to the society (about tether car racing) as a guest speaker in 1979. Since retiring from Airbus UK in March 2008 I have gradually migrated from building and racing tether cars to building my first steam loco (still under construction) and becoming part of the 'Friday Gang' at Ashton Court, where my specialist activities include drinking tea and laying paving slabs but not necessarily in that order! Since Feb. 2015 I have taken on the role of Railway Manager for the Ashton Court Miniature Railway.

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