Software drawing package for Apple Computer.

Drawing Program for Apple Computer.

Can anyone please recommend a simple drawing package which will run on an Apple computer.    2D and 3D capability required but perhaps this will need 2 separate packages.  I have been using Autosketch for some time but this has to run on a Windows emulator which is a pain.

I am aware that this post is more suitable for a forum but cannot find forums on our present web site.   Assistance would be most welcome.

Bob Lilley

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  1. Try Qcad. From I use it, it gets regular updates, 2d only, but has a facility to create isometric projections. I used to use Autosketch, the change will take a bit of getting used to, but is worth it. If you have questions, the forum is very helpful, as is the maintainer who is helpful and courteous.

    • Thanks Neil

      Will give it a go. FreeCad has been frustrating. An option selection by me has left cursor unusable and even trash and reinstall of total system has not corrected problem.


  2. Thanks Gents. I have a number of recommendations for Free Cad which seems to have a 2D section but will allow progress to 3D. I will also have a look at robbonsoft Neil, thanks for recommendation.

  3. I use DraftSight and you can download a Mac version. The advantage of DraftSight is that it works in .dwg space so you don’t need to convert your files if you need to send them off to someone else, eg for laser cutting. The 2D version of DraftSight is free. There is a 3D version but I don’t think it is free.


  4. I have tried FreeCad, it promises much, but IMHO it is alpha software. Installation can be a dependency hell. The tutorials often refer to features etc that don’t exist. I think it is cruel of me to criticise what is after all, a volunteer effort, but being a user of a lot of Open Source software I get the impression that the project, like a lot Open Source projects is more interested in new shiny stuff than getting a good solid working base. I am currently learning OpenScad. It ‘works’ by you inputting information that describes your model. This is not as weird as it sounds and it doesn’t crash! My plan is to continue to use Qcad for most drawings and OpenScad for stuff I want to print.

    • Thanks for the comment Neil. As I said I tried Free Cad and was getting on well until I changed the cursor control to manoeuvre 3D display. Now I am stuck in this mode despite dumping and reloading the software. Apparently there is no Uninstall program written for the Mac and users have to go inside and remove the offending bits of program which is not something I wish to tackle. This supports your comment regarding it being a bit flaky and it is therefore not for me as I am looking for an easy life with stable software.

      There has been a lot of interest in my search for a Mac package both on this web site and the BSMEE Facebook page. I thank everybody for contributing but at this stage nobody seems to have come up with a well established proven package and I am resigned to continuing Autosketch using the VMWare emulator. With the new Mac this is no longer a problem in terms of loading speed and memory use. Perhaps I should be looking for a “modern” Windows based program!

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