The First Locomotive enters the Maintenance Shed

On Friday the final track connection was made by the line gang and the first locomotive driven into the maintenance shed for it’s annual service and inspection.


The Main Team – (most of it)


Colin, Alan and Don have been working away digging a  trench forming the track bed, making and laying the track and making and erecting a point from the existing siding.  On Friday assisted by the “tractor gang” the ballast was packed down, final connection made, the work was completed and Telford  driven into the shed.  Just in time for the winter maintenance.


Team plus Tractor Gang and Workshop Manger


Telford now awaits it’s annual service and inspection.  It will be much easier parked in the maintenace shed with tools and bench available rather than as previously working outside exposed to the elements loosing nuts in the grass.


Telford awaits Annual Service and Inspection in the warm and dry.

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