BOB’S BLOG 12th October

Lunch is Served

One of the most important of activities  at Ashton Court on a Friday is lunch.    Many subjects are discussed some engineering problems are solved, more are created and the world in general is put to rights.           After a detailed discussion today on plane crashes the chat turned to the subject of the web and in particular the BSMEE Web site.    it was apparent that most people made use of it.  The most popular reason being to find out the subject of our next meeting at Begbrooke.  The view was expressed that nothing much happend on the site but what most  had not realised was that they could interact and post items such as “For Sale” or comments on the Forum or even start a new thread.   You could even reply to a blog if you wish.     Why not give it a go, we could do with some lively discussions and that would certainly make the site more interesting.    Harrison has established the framework it is up to us all to bring it to life.  Go on have a go.

Track Replacement

Sunday is the last public running day of the season and next Friday we can start on a new section of ground level track replacement.  Colin McEke, who is leading this project, plans to replace the curve leading out of the station, into the green tunnel and round to the bridge.  This will allow us to implement a new signalling scheme over this section.  So next Friday 19th October work will start on ripping up the old track and preparing the track bed. Anybody who can help will be most welcome.  If you can lift a spade please come along and give us a hand.  We have to get it back in running order by the beginning of December for Santa Special after which we will start on the rest of the section.


PHil Bridgeway and Ron James continue their work on braking the bogies on the ground level carriages.   We now have one carriage fully braked  with calliper brakes and will be evaluating the performance before deciding on the way we should proceed.


Future Blogs

Having got to grips with this new web site it will be the place for future blogs.    I am sorry, no more facebook notifications and not quite as pretty but I hope you find the blogs interesting with news of what is happening at Ashton Court.  Please let me have your comments.


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