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Last Running Day of 2012

Sunday was the last running day of the year and what a day we had.   The weather was wall to wall sunshine,  we carried over 2,400 passengers including 130 beavers and had 16 engines on the track – not all at the same time.

This was passenger hauling at it’s best.  By keeping five trains rolling through with fast loading and despatch we managed to keep the ground level queue to a reasonable length even when the 130 beavers turned up for their annual day out.     On the raised track we had all the rolling stock out and trains queuing at the station all afternoon to pick up passengers.    Despite everybody’s efforts we still had queues over the bridge but nobody seemed to mind.  With the sun shining  everybody had come out to enjoy themselves and have a good time.  The car parks were heaving and the park facilities stretched to capacity but it was all taken in great spirit.  With eleven  locomotives   (seven steamers) on the raised track some rationing had to take place with people running for 2 hours and then swapping but a good time was had by all.   A lot of coal was burnt, water consumed and ash created and a number of faces were pretty black by the end of the day.

The ladies were busy in the booking office but still found time to make the tea and keep the workers happy.

Jay turned up with a plateful of  locomotive biscuits for us all to enjoy.  Is there no end to this lad’s talents


Tomorrow and Wednesday we have a school visit – 60 children each day.  Thanks in advance for all the offers of help.  Then I am away for a short break.  No Blog this weekend but should be back again next week to see how the track replacement is going.


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