BOB’s BLOG 26th October 2012


Ground Level Track

A bitterly cold day at the track today and very wisely not many people turned up but come on folks we cannot stay indoors all winter.  The few who turned up  had a cup of tea and decided that with Santa Special not far away at the beginning of December, we would not to take any ground level track up at this stage.  After Santa we will start on track replacement in ernest,  Just hope we get some decent weather.  Initially we will take up the existing track leading away from the station and then have a concentrated effort to dig up and refurbish the track bed before we start on replacing the track.    The ground level flat bed truck has been brought out of storage but remains in the carriage shed until required.  When we get nearer the date for track refurbishment we will be looking for help to break up the track bed and lay a new base.  I will be doing some encouraging so watch out.

Roller Blind

Frank has been busy in the booking office installing a roller blind which will stop prying eyes, especially when the money is being counted at the end of the day.  

Everything is looking very spick and span in the station following the redecoration.


Look who turned up.

Last weekend we went on our travels including a wander round Llangollen and look who should be there.   I am sure I have seen a gantry signal like that before somewhere!


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