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The website seems to be taking longer and longer to load and is very clunky to use, since about 10 days ago anybody know why?

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Society member since 2004, but gave my first talk to the society (about tether car racing) as a guest speaker in 1979. Since retiring from Airbus UK in March 2008 I have gradually migrated from building and racing tether cars to building my first steam loco (still under construction) and becoming part of the 'Friday Gang' at Ashton Court, where my specialist activities include drinking tea and laying paving slabs but not necessarily in that order! Since Feb. 2015 I have taken on the role of Railway Manager for the Ashton Court Miniature Railway.

One thought on “performance of website

  1. I agree David. I find it equally frustrating. I raised it at the December committee meeting and the “boffins” are going to look into it. Apparently the provider we use only has one level of service so it may be necessary to move to another service provider. Sean Griffiths is on the case.
    Bob Lilley

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