BOB’s BLOG 14th Dec

A Wet Day at the Track

Not many  braved the weather as it poured with rain all day. The car park is getting slippery and must be used wiih care or you will get stuck.

The ground level track lift was put in by Jim Lewis many years ago.   Unfortunately it seems to be getting stiffer probably due to old age.  Whether this is the age of the equipment or the operators is debatable. Whatever, we have decided to replace it with a electrically powered unit and today we measured up the pit to see if the commercially available lifts would fit without too much work.  Seems to be OK.

David Giles brought along his extended Simoplex chassis and very good it looks.   He is making an excellent job of this.He also brought his axle driven feed pump which again is beautifully constructed. This is going to be some model when it is completed.


I have had comments (complaints) that the pictures in the blog have deteriorated in quality.     I take them using my aged HTC Wildfire camera which is nearly two years old – very old in this age of throw away phones.    This could be the problem but I cannot change it as it is on a two year contract which expires in February. Then I can get back on the treadmill and get the latest gizmo.    It could also be that I now upload the picture direct into Word Press whereas before I put it into the Mac and brightened it up a bit in iPhoto before sending it on.   We will see what happens in the new year.  Meanwhile I hope it does not spoil your enjoyment too much.  Why not send me a comment and let me know what you think!




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  1. As someone who works and is unable to get to Ashton Court during the week I find these blogs very informative and gives a good back ground to whats happening at Ashton.

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