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7 ¼ Gauge Lifting Table

When the ground level track was first put in locomotives were unloaded from their vehicle or trailer using a ramp – sometimes known as the rocket launcher.  As locomotives got heavier this became something of a struggle and Jim Lewis installed an hydraulic lift based on a motor cycle lift.   This has given many years of satisfactory service but is coming to the end of its useful life and getting very stiff to operate – not sure if this due to the age of the lift or the age of the operator.

The possibility of replacing the facility with an electrically operated lift was discussed amongst members and Tim Hims came up with a new small car lift which he came across on ebay.  It seemed to meet our requirements and after measuring the existing pit and ensuring it would go in we decided to go ahead.   The new lift is hydraulically operated with an electrically driven hydraulic pump.  The pump, hydraulic reservoir and controls came mounted on a trolley but Tim has found a suitable lockable cabinet which will stand adjacent to the lift housing the equipment and controls.    Today he brought along the new lift complete with an aluminium top and running frame which he fitted it into the existing pit.

It looks a very sturdy job and will certainly make life much easier when unloading locomotives one advantage being that it goes straight up and down so there is less likelihood of raising into the body work of a car.  With the main structure complete, Tim is coming back next week to mount the safety footboards and install the cabinet.

I have several other photographs to show but am afraid the web site is playing up even more than usual and has  given me the following message so I think it is time to pack up when I am winning.

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