Michigan Exhibition Update


IMG_1031Latest news of Michigan is that the body is now in one piece.  Terry and helpful Neighbour have welded together the three parts with locating pins which allow it to be easily dropped onto the chassis.  Terry has also fitted a return at the rear to house the control panel and removed the suprlus vents which have been worrying Mark no end.

Mike Keighley has been busy adding dummy mdf suspension on the rear bogie whilst the front one is in his workshop hence the wooden block.  Don’t worry the axle boxes will be painted black.



Meanwhile Andy Hardy has been working on the curved front which will incorporate the headlight and support the bell and hand wheel.  This a real work of art incorporating bits of a washing machine etc – real old fashioned model engineering



Meanwhile new batteries have been obtained together with a new ammeter and stabilising resistors.  All will be ready to go after the exhibition and we look forward to further trial runs at Ashton Court.  We have decided against powder coating because of the logistic of matching the colour when new parts are fitted and the need for bare metal etc.   Ride on Railways get a good finish on their models using acrylic and we will be seeking advice from them at the exhibition.

We will be exhibiting the loco, showing work in progress, at the exhibition and look forward to seeing you all when I can explain the detail and answer any questions – See you there.


Footnote – Just finished my 7 1/4″ Gauge Beattie Well Tank ready for the exhibition and cannot resist giving you a preview.  What will I do with myself now?IMG_1044

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