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Work is progressing onMichigan, the new 5″ gauge petrol electric club loco.


The chassis is running and performed well today at the track pulling a loaded train round the track with ease.  Too much ease in fact as some members wanted to get off as they thought I was driving too fast – well these new inventions have to be tested to their limit.  As I say there is plenty of power but if you are very ham-fisted with the throttle it is possible to stall the engine.  Development work is continuing to ensure that the battery provides some of the power and hence take some load off the engine which has a maximum power rating of 1 1/2hp.  Should be plenty for a 5″loco I hear you say but unfortunately the alternator is only 50% efficient which leaves 3/4 hp for the motors which may not be enough for some of our budding Stirling Mosses accelerating up the back straight.  Anyway we are experimental so a little problem solving does not come amiss and we have a number of things to try.  We will probably fit new batteries and do away with the existing ones which are from golf trollies and have been discarded because they will not do a full round on the golf course.




We also have the body which has turned out very well. In particular the louvres really set it off.   It has come in three pieces plus the cab roof and we have to get it welded together. Then we intend to get it powder coated which should give a durable finish.  After that we will be fitting all the bits and pieces which many of our members are making to ensure it is a model fit for a model engineering club.  I am sure it will look splendid.

Watch out for further updates

Bob Lilley


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