Work is starting on a new 5″ locomotive for the Bristol Society – Michigan.

This will be an electrically powered locomotive with dc motors on each axle with and onboard power supply using an alternator and Honda Engine.   Using the profile of an American switcher loco the engine will drop down between the bogies to make maximum use of the space available.

At present we have the chassis and most of the components to allow it to be assembled for a trial run.  The body which is being supplied in basic form by Ride on Railways is awaited.  A number of members have agreed to make  individual components but much of this work cannot start until the body arrives.

The engine will be similar to our 7 1/4″ locomotive Thomas Telford which has proved to be very successful.    If you want to learn more about Thomas Telford visit the web site  http://thomastelford.wordpress.com.

DSS101 low down

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