Workshop For Sale

The following e-mail has been received:

My name is Mrs Bente Avon and I live in Yate.

My husband Richard passed away 16th Sept 2014, and left me with a massive workshop.
The workshop include 2 lathes one Harrison 250M bought from new and a Myford Super 7 also bought from new with lots of extras for each.
I have a lot of other machines like drilling machines, milling machines band saw, table saws and lots of various hand tools.
I have also blanks and drawings of 2 locomotives together with a Beam engine in blanks.
I wonder if you know the best way for me to sell these items?
I have also Model Engineer magazines spanning over 20 years, if not more. 10 years in special folders (1974 – 1983)
My telephone number is 01454 322496
Yours sincerely,
Bente Avon

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