3 1/2″ Old Bristol Club Members locos for sale

I have received the following:
Dear Secretary to the Bristol Society of Model Engineers
I am writing as the daughter of a former member of the Bristol Society of Model Engineers (whose trains were often in use at Ashton Court) in the hope that you might be able to offer me some advice.  
My father sadly passed away just over a year ago and my mother has asked me to find a buyer for the two 3.5 inch gauge steam locomotives (one is finished and one is part complete) that remained in dad’s possession.  I am wondering therefore whether anyone at the BSME might be in a position to provide an idea of their value or failing that whether an alternative source of valuation could be suggested.  I am attaching some photos (complete with dust I am afraid – I can only assume my brother didn’t want to disturb the engines when he took the pictures) to give you an idea of what I am talking about.
Many thanks for your time.
Kind regards
Mary Russell
07837 795 821
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Workshop For Sale

The following e-mail has been received:

My name is Mrs Bente Avon and I live in Yate.

My husband Richard passed away 16th Sept 2014, and left me with a massive workshop.
The workshop include 2 lathes one Harrison 250M bought from new and a Myford Super 7 also bought from new with lots of extras for each.
I have a lot of other machines like drilling machines, milling machines band saw, table saws and lots of various hand tools.
I have also blanks and drawings of 2 locomotives together with a Beam engine in blanks.
I wonder if you know the best way for me to sell these items?
I have also Model Engineer magazines spanning over 20 years, if not more. 10 years in special folders (1974 – 1983)
My telephone number is 01454 322496
Yours sincerely,
Bente Avon

71/4″ Wagon Stock For Sale

The following e-mail has been received, I also have some photos if anyone should be interested. Alan Hooper

Hello Sir, I am David Priest maybe you might know either myself or my father Alan Priest? I have been making these wagons in 7 1/4 I noticed that you have several Diesel locomotives and wondered if there might be any interest from either your club or the owners of the Diesels in purchasing my wagons? As they say if you don’t ask you don’t get!!
I can be contacted on 07500956461
Email drpriest1970@hotmail.co.uk
Or my workshop 01189888773.
Many thanks for your time.

Dave Priest
Unit 5
Brookside Business Park

Myford ML7 For Sale

The following e-mail has been received:


Dear sir,
I have recently been in correspondence with Myford regarding an ML7 lathe that was my father’s (he died recently).  They suggested that we try contacting a local model engineering society to see if anyone would be interested in buying it and that its value would be around £500.  I therefore wonder if you would be kind enough to circulate this e-mail to your members, in case anyone would be interested.  The lathe is stored in a garage in Henleaze.  If contact could initially be made by e-mail, that would be helpful as the family is coming and going from the house.
Yours faithfully,
 Elizabeth Devery