3 1/2″ Old Bristol Club Members locos for sale

I have received the following:
Dear Secretary to the Bristol Society of Model Engineers
I am writing as the daughter of a former member of the Bristol Society of Model Engineers (whose trains were often in use at Ashton Court) in the hope that you might be able to offer me some advice.  
My father sadly passed away just over a year ago and my mother has asked me to find a buyer for the two 3.5 inch gauge steam locomotives (one is finished and one is part complete) that remained in dad’s possession.  I am wondering therefore whether anyone at the BSME might be in a position to provide an idea of their value or failing that whether an alternative source of valuation could be suggested.  I am attaching some photos (complete with dust I am afraid – I can only assume my brother didn’t want to disturb the engines when he took the pictures) to give you an idea of what I am talking about.
Many thanks for your time.
Kind regards
Mary Russell
07837 795 821
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Workshop Part 2

First off – a warning. Myford lathe chucks screw onto the mandrel, therefore DO NOT USE IN REVERSE, as I said I did last time.


2015-11-13 10.10.17Now, here is the first photo. Why a boring bar in a vice? Well, the finish on the outside of the wheel was not the best (somewhere near the worst) so I brought along my biggest bar. Easy, put into a tool holder and carry on. Not so lucky. Had to take quite a few file strokes to get it down to a size to fit. At least I took it off the two sides adjacent to the holding slit!

2015-11-13 10.59.38Outside finished to size and an insert tool being used to bring the web clean and to then bring the rim to finished thickness. The depth of the web to the edge can then be determined and taken down to the required size.

2015-11-13 11.29.49That’s it. One side of one wheel done. Will update again when all the other sides/wheels are finished and I can make a tool to take out the middle of the web.

Don’t forget that the workshop is open to all our members. You can use it for any of your larger requirements. A Bridgeport mill has been acquired and will be installed shortly to fit alongside our larger lathe, for those of you who already have a Myford. Please note, I have cleaned up, good workshop practice to leave it ready for the next operator.

Just ask.

Alan Hooper

Using the Workshop

Evening all

I thought it might be of interest to show how the Workshop is operating. Today, on a particularly wet morning during the maintenance Friday morning, I have brought to the site the rear wheel castings for the 1″ Minnie traction engine. Some of you will remember that I spent most of the last exhibition machining some of the castings. Well I thought that I should perhaps get the large rear wheels to the same ‘roughed out’ standard. Now I know most of you will have the necessary machinery to do this at home, but I don’t, having only a 2.1/2″ lathe.

2015-11-06 10.05.21This is our machine, a ML7, refitted back in the workshop. If you come up to the site, please be aware that there must be two people in the workshop. Just basic safety as it is not like being at home. You must also remember to bring any tooling required although for this machine there is a fairly extensive selection available. Measuring tools are also needed.

2015-11-06 10.06.27This photo shows what I brought up with me.

2015-11-06 10.10.41Now, not wanting to teach all you engineers how to suck eggs, I’ll just run through what the procedure was I used. Tool inserted into post. Casting mounted via the inside jaws. The hammer is there to knock the casting into a reasonably circular orbit and the chuck tightened.

2015-11-06 10.33.24Now, I only intend to rough machine these castings rather than do all the cutting in a single stage. Time consuming maybe, but a lot safer for those of self taught machinist! Unfortunately the topslide would not let me reduce the diameter across the complete face so another set was required.

2015-11-06 11.23.53This picture shows a boring bar mounted upside down and with the lathe running in reverse. Much to small a boring bar but nothing else was found on site and you guessed it, I didn’t bring one with me. It did it, though there is a lot of chatter marks.

I did have two more photos, but the site seems not to let me add them to this post. No doubt I’m doing something wrong – again. They where to show that the front face was cleaned back and lastly, because I had to leave early to return the car to ‘her indoors’, I did clean up the lathe. I do not want to be on the wrong side of the Workshop Manager!

I will continue this should anyone be interested.

Alan Hooper. Secretary



Request for information


I’ve just managed to obtain a set of castings for a drill press like the one pictured here:

I was wondering if the owner of this machine still had any of the
instructions for machining the castings and/or any arts lists for it?

I would be very grateful if you could pass this request to the person
who is best placed to answer my query.

Secretary: Anyone have any knowledge I can pass on please?

Concrete Apron update

DSCN2401 DSCN2395

It’s done. We finished by 1:30pm on the Sunday. Apologies if you turned up later than that.

Thanks to all those who turned up on either the Saturday or the Sunday, or indeed for both. I shall save most of the photos and words for the newsletter, just the two photos attached.

Alan Hooper

Concrete Apron project

Hello all

Sorry for the long delay and now the short notice.

I shall be starting the concrete apron at Ashton on Saturday and Sunday, 7th & 8th of March. Yes I know it is short notice but if you would like to help I’ll be there from 10am to 4pm.  Tea and biscuits available all day, bring a lunch if you want to stay all day!

Alan Hooper

Workshop For Sale

The following e-mail has been received:

My name is Mrs Bente Avon and I live in Yate.

My husband Richard passed away 16th Sept 2014, and left me with a massive workshop.
The workshop include 2 lathes one Harrison 250M bought from new and a Myford Super 7 also bought from new with lots of extras for each.
I have a lot of other machines like drilling machines, milling machines band saw, table saws and lots of various hand tools.
I have also blanks and drawings of 2 locomotives together with a Beam engine in blanks.
I wonder if you know the best way for me to sell these items?
I have also Model Engineer magazines spanning over 20 years, if not more. 10 years in special folders (1974 – 1983)
My telephone number is 01454 322496
Yours sincerely,
Bente Avon