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This year I have been involved with the production of our railway threefold for next year, 2013. This is a vital part of our operation informing members and public of our running programme throughout the year.  It is also our main advertising effort on behalf of the railway. being available in a number of public places within Aston Court and outside.  We also give it away to the public who visit the site, including our visitors to Santa Special, and to do this we need it available by the beginning of December.

It is something we all take for granted but as with many things within the club takes  significant effort by individual members to produce.  

Firstly the programme of public running and events has to be put together which requires considerable consultation within the club and with Bristol City Council on other Park Events.    Unfortunately the Council does not seem to know when these events are taking place, they are probably the only people in Bristol who do not know the dates of next years Balloon Festival.    We then have to resort to seeking out and asking the organisers of the indivdual events for the dates – no small task and one which is carried out each year by our Operations Manager Mike Keighley. 

Once we know the programme dates, work starts on the publication of the threefold.  This needs to be clearly laid out to provide all the information in a readable style and also be attractive and sell our “product” to the public.   This job is done by Clem Culverhouse who uses his skills in photography and publishing which we have seen often in past Newsletters  to produce the threefold and then organises the printing and distribution.

Just two examples of the work done by members which is often taken for granted but without which we could not operate in the professional and successful manner we strive to achieve.

Well done to Mike and Clem.

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