Bob’s Blog 1st March

Lots of Activity – Only two Fridays before Steam Up Day on 17th March.

A pleasant dry day if a little chilly with only two Fridays to go  saw a lot of activity at Ashton Court. 

The signal box has now been jacked to its  full height and all props removed.  We will no longer have to employ dwarfs to operate the signals if they ever work again.   I am a little worried by the cables and connections which have been lying on the floor smothered in brick and cement dust – We will see next week when the brickies have finished and the sparks are allowed  back in.  I have to say it is much more comfortable now with a much improved view.






David Giles was busy giving Pegasus a pressure wash and it’s annual service ready for another busy season on the track.

In the warm Geof Hinbest was busy  analysing the batteries test results.   We have 5 sets of batteries and the surprising thing is that the oldest set which have covered 2,500 laps are the best set and the newest which we purchased last year and have covered 370 laps are the worst.  Clem Culverhouse is busy sorting out the badges for running days.







Meanwhile out in the cold our mystery personality was busy staining the fence.  Can you identify the mystery personality ?   The clue is we have two of them.
Did you know that we paint the back side of our fences with creosote but the face where the public have access we use Ronseal stain so that they don’t get it on their clothes.  Just another instance of our attention to detail when caring for our customers!

Last but by no means least our raised track team were checking carriages to find out why No 3 derails and No 5 bumps.     Maurice Wheatley has recently overhauled No 3 and he will be delighted to know that the team identified the cause of the derailment which is due the carriage riding up on the anti-tip rail.  We will be sorting this before public running.

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