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A Cold Cold Day

Before I start on this weeks Blog you will remember I mentioned last week that I had a video of brake testing well this is it.

You may not think very much of that but for me it is a major piece of technological progress.   Had to get the phone to take video, transfer it to the computer, remove the unwanted bit -yes there was more of my feet- upload to the BSMEE YouTube site then add a link to this blog.  Finally it was stabilised and enhanced.  Thanks to Sean Griffiths for all his help and confusion.   One small step but brace yourself, you will no doubt get more in the future now I have mastered the process.

While we are on the technology did you know that you can click on any of the photographs  in the blog and get a bigger version.

At the Track

Everybody was hard at work today as you can see from the picture below – drinking tea in the club hut.  It was bitterly cold but the ground level gang got a bit more tracked laid.  Last I heard, because they all have bad knees, nobody could bend down to insert the bolts and do up the fishplates and hence  there is a lot of unjoined track.  Mark Phillips used to do it, but no longer.  I think they might have found somebody – more news on this next week.

We had a good turn out today with over 25 cars in the car park so a lot of tea was drunk and stories told.   The one blessing was that the ground is frozen so you do not get stuck in the mud.

Being half term in Devon, we had two grandsons to entertain, so I thought I would get them building the  oscillating engine designed by Trevor Chambers and drawn by Kevin Slater. Click on here to get a video and drawings.    I thought it was already on our site but cannot find it.
The picture below shows progress so far. An excellent exercise in reading drawings and simple workshop skills, I can thoroughly recommend it.  Should finish it at the next visit.


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