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Bar Stools Wanted

With a Tuesday visit to install the plywood cladding and the reinstallation of the signal frames and control box today, the signal box is now ready for action.

The operating conditions inside the box are transformed and we will no doubt have a queue of members who want to get in if just to get out of the cold and wet.   There is plenty of room to stand up  and the view of the track and station is very good indeed.   Thanks to Terry Phelps for coming up with the idea, taking the plunge and getting the job done before the start of the running season.  We have been promised a new carpet and the only remaining problem is that no doubt the signalman will want to take an occasional rest and sit  down.  If anybody has any stools that they are throwing out and think might be suitable please let us know.  It would be a shame to buy some if there are some about waiting to be dumped.

My blogs tend to concentrate on projects and big jobs but we shouldn’t forget all the mundane work which goes on each week to keep the track operational.  Alan Grinstead and Clem Culverhouse went off with cans to fill with petrol and Mike Keighley is busy organising the steam oil ready for steam up day on the 17th March.  Frank Gribben was repairing the station roof soffits and David Giles sorted the ground level track where it approaches the carriage shed.  This has been the cause of numerous derailments and frustration.   David cleared the stones and rubbish from the concrete gaps and points.  With his usual skill and attention to detail he dressed the leading edge of the points and made such a good job you have difficulty seeing the join – see photo.

PS.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures to get a better view – the resolution of the new phone is excellent.

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