Polly Brazing

What did I say about luck and a fair wind?

The solder around the base ran as expected. Dead easy this soldering! I don’t know what people go on about.

So on with the base of the chimney. Heat up, watch the flux melt and go clear touch the solder on……. nothing. More heat then…. nothing MORE HEAT……. still nothing HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT and yes – still nothing. Out of luck. Dang it!

It all went into the pickle to try again the next day (well today). This time the base went on fine.

Dead easy this soldering, I dont know what people go on about.

So turn it over and lets do the top. I just about managed to get the top of the chimney done and one of the bushes. The other two bushes and the rim of the top, Nope. Nothing doing. Rien de rien.

The /^&/$@#/ thing is back in the pickle now ready to try again tomorrow.

Sean Griffiths

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