Silver Solder Fluxes

I, David Ward (Alveston) manage the Society’s silver solder bank. I have noted that there is a growing difference between market prices and our (BSMEE) prices for silver solder fluxes, especially high temperature flux. I am therefore going to increase our price from £5 to £6 for 100 grams of h.t. flux from 1st April. So check your stocks now, and fill your boots! (tel 01454 415678)

Tip from Sean of Cup Alloys. “If you have mixed too much flux for a job and have some left over, drip a few drops of washing up liquid in to the flux paste, mix and store in a small airtight container. It will the remain usable for several months.”
Don’t forget to label it appropriately, and store out of reach of children.

Silver Solder

Please be aware that I now have some strips of grade 455 foil 150mm X 20mm X 0.1mm available for £10 each.
Joints should be cleaned and fluxed in the usual way and the solder can then be riveted or otherwise held in the joint for soldering.
Melting range 630-660 C. Something different for you to experiment with.

Also note, our current prices are well below market prices. Accordingly I feel we may have to raise our prices by 10% on 1st April 2015, otherwise I do not think we shall develop sufficient revenue to enable me to re-stock.

David Ward
Silver solder banker