Lost Spanner!

Hi all

I have lost my favourite 5/8″ x 9/16″ open ended spanner (similar to the one in the photograph below) whilst doing boiler inspections at Ashton Court today. If anyone finds it I would be grateful for its return as it fits the Club’s calibrated pressure gauge.


Peter Pearson

Tel. 01761 463821


The hazards of passenger hauling at ACR

This shows my 5″ Ajax smoke box after 4 hours of public running on Sunday 2nd August 2015. I don’t think there was any room left in there for more ash. It’s a miracle she was still running at all – and I was still carrying passengers! (just) Full Smoke Box

I’m not sure which of us was in a worse state – me or the loco!

Dirty Driver

Club Member Over-exposed?

Dear Sir,

I have a complaint.  I’m learning to live with it, but that’s a different matter.

No, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about over-exposure of one of the club’s members in the Ashton Court Miniature Railway 2014 leaflet.  Now I have to concede, reluctantly, that Arthur Clark is probably less likely to frighten away the children than some of our other members, but I ask is this sufficient justification for him to become the double-page centre-fold in our leaflet?  Whatever next I ask?  A BSMEE Calendar Boys special featuring Arthur astride a different loco every month?  Surely Arthur can’t be the only good looking member in the club?  Although I am scratching around trying to think who else has enough of their own teeth left and a boyish smile to catch the ladies’ eyes…  Oh, well… we can’t all be George Clooney I suppose.

Your disgustedly etc. etc.

PS.  It is April 1st isn’t it?

Shock News – Member’s Car a Disgrace!

It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that one of our members – a certain Lee Mikeston-King was spotted at Ashton Court last Friday with his normally pristine car in a disgraceful condition.  See photos below for the full horror story.  Dirt was spotted on one of his rear wheels.

Mr Mikeston-King’s normally pristine motor:


But wait a minute….have a look at that offside rear wheel….surely, that can’t be….it is!  It’s dirt!  Filthy!  Disgusting!!

Wheel   Dirt

Mr Mikeston-King was said to be too upset to comment, but clearly heads will roll for this lack of perfection.