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    • Hi Phil, its good to see a comment :-). If you head over to the forum in the members section, you can create your own threads to start off any discussion you like.


    • Thanks Sean. Glad somebody has checked the comment button works.
      Perhaps this will encourage others to comment. Lots of people have contacted me re Mike so I know the blog is read but it would be nice to hear from a few occasionally via the comment button.
      Comments also send me an email – clever 🙂

  1. Hi Bob
    You’re obviously feeling lonely – hence your request for comments via the website 🙂

    Somehow you seem to have posted the same web link for all 3 photos on your 7th December Blog. So whichever one I click on I always get the full sized picture of Don Cordall. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Don’s a nice chap, but occassionally I would like to see photos of other people not just him!

    See you next Friday down at AC.

    Best regards


    • Hi Peter

      Sorry I have been slow in replying but I so rarely get a comment that I don’t even look for them anymore. Just spotted this in a random list of comments. I have had a look at the blog and there are three different pictures with Don appearing on only one. There are a lot of people who look like Don on every picture possibly that is causing the confusion but the pink jumper is a give away.
      Next time you reply I will try and get back a bit quicker.
      Have another look and let me know what you see this time – I have changed nothing, could it possibly be something to do with the season of goodwill.
      Happy Christmas Bob

  2. I agree David. I find it equally frustrating. I raised it at the December committee meeting and the “boffins” are going to look into it. Apparently the provider we use only has one level of service so it may be necessary to move to another service provider. Sean Griffiths is on the case.
    Bob Lilley

  3. As someone who works and is unable to get to Ashton Court during the week I find these blogs very informative and gives a good back ground to whats happening at Ashton.

  4. Bob, Really like the ‘Thomas Telford’ website, lots of things I didn’t fully understand before and a good resource to direct people to when, as a driver on a public running day, you get asked those tricky questions!

  5. Excellent blog John. I am sure like me members will find most interesting. Look forward to hearing where you go and perhaps some more news. Well done. Bob

  6. Cheers Bob! I panicked a little initially when the site went down for the move, and I thought I had done something terribly wrong! But it’s back, and faster than ever!

    Jay uploaded a video yesterday, a questions video. It is certainly fascinating seeing the damage that can ocurr on the turbine blades of a jet engine.

    • Yes I lost my blog wit the change over. You probably already know you can go into Dashboard/Posts and find a draft of your Post even if you haven’t published. Then click on Edit and you are back where you were. Unfortunately doesn’t work if the site has been moved!!!

  7. My estimate that over 300 came to pay respects, (standing room only) A wonderful gentleman and will be sorely missed by all. He helped me immensly when I first joined the society many moons ago with advice.
    Bob Thomson

  8. Good to see the Blog and the excellent progress. My advice when silver soldering is be very generous withe flux and heating. Too little flux can mean that by the time you have heated it sufficiently it will have oxidised and then you could have trouble. Pickling may clear it or may not. We have all been there – I wish you luck with the next attempt.

    • Thanks for the advice Bob. I haven’t had another go yet as there was a bit of a fubar. Last time I pickled, a steel washer that was supporting the central chimney stuck to it. All the copper in solution from the previous picklings plated back onto the boiler, sending the whole thing, brass bushes included a lovely pink DOH! Its still in the fresh pickle recovering ftom that – sigh.

  9. Hello Peter, if you like to be considered for inclusion in future advertising media please send a picture to the committee, it would be best to include a full length shot and a head and shoulder portrait, bearing in mind the intended audience I’d recommend you wear a boiler suit and perhaps a welding mask, any inclusion of a lathe or mill in the pictures will assist your case no end.

  10. Thanks for the info David, it was a fascinating film. I’m looking forward to sailing in the Balmoral once again in the near future hopefully, fingers crossed.

  11. Morning Quenton

    Found enough time to start this blog this morning and found you have already beaten me to it. However, on going to the project page, can find no details.

    Alan H

  12. Hi Alan
    If you go to the members section on the menu bar, click on projects and you will see two labels pop up to the right, one is I think concrete apron, the other 3d printer. At the moment, the project page itself is blank and only acts as a tidy label to hold the various project pages under, I’ll think of a better way of doing it shortly.



  13. Quenton
    I bought one of the Ormerod 2 printers at our exhibition and have been using it for nearly six months now. I have made some changes and have a few more I will be making when I have time to strip and rebuild the machine. If you want any help or would like to see mine in action please let me know. I still have a lot to learn, but you may as well learn from the (many) mistakes I have already made

    • Great thanks Michael, that will save me making the same mistakes, hopefully, looking forward to chatting with you. I’ll be starting the build very shortly.

  14. The 3D printer build is almost done, unfortunately I’m having to slot in the build with other projects. The major one being our on-suite bathroom. But both will be finished soon!

  15. Bob – it would look much better with a set of steps on the front. Just thought I would get that in before anyone else did!! The laser work should turn up tomorrow (Monday 20th April 2015) and I will ‘fast track’ the assembly.

    Cheers … Kevin

  16. Great news Gary and well done to you and the team for your perseverance, dedication and hard work . The refurbished carriages will be a major asset to the club and serve us well for many years.

  17. Try Qcad. From I use it, it gets regular updates, 2d only, but has a facility to create isometric projections. I used to use Autosketch, the change will take a bit of getting used to, but is worth it. If you have questions, the forum is very helpful, as is the maintainer who is helpful and courteous.

    • Thanks Neil

      Will give it a go. FreeCad has been frustrating. An option selection by me has left cursor unusable and even trash and reinstall of total system has not corrected problem.


  18. Thanks Gents. I have a number of recommendations for Free Cad which seems to have a 2D section but will allow progress to 3D. I will also have a look at robbonsoft Neil, thanks for recommendation.

  19. Excellent progress Alan. I have no doubt many members will be interested and will be encouraged to make use of the facilities. I think there is quite a lot of tooling and measuring equipment on site I look forward to a further progress report.


  20. Unfortunately the link does not work so I cannot see details of the drill press. I built the Reeves Sensitive Drill which may be similar and if so perhaps I can help.

  21. I use DraftSight and you can download a Mac version. The advantage of DraftSight is that it works in .dwg space so you don’t need to convert your files if you need to send them off to someone else, eg for laser cutting. The 2D version of DraftSight is free. There is a 3D version but I don’t think it is free.


  22. I have tried FreeCad, it promises much, but IMHO it is alpha software. Installation can be a dependency hell. The tutorials often refer to features etc that don’t exist. I think it is cruel of me to criticise what is after all, a volunteer effort, but being a user of a lot of Open Source software I get the impression that the project, like a lot Open Source projects is more interested in new shiny stuff than getting a good solid working base. I am currently learning OpenScad. It ‘works’ by you inputting information that describes your model. This is not as weird as it sounds and it doesn’t crash! My plan is to continue to use Qcad for most drawings and OpenScad for stuff I want to print.

    • Thanks for the comment Neil. As I said I tried Free Cad and was getting on well until I changed the cursor control to manoeuvre 3D display. Now I am stuck in this mode despite dumping and reloading the software. Apparently there is no Uninstall program written for the Mac and users have to go inside and remove the offending bits of program which is not something I wish to tackle. This supports your comment regarding it being a bit flaky and it is therefore not for me as I am looking for an easy life with stable software.

      There has been a lot of interest in my search for a Mac package both on this web site and the BSMEE Facebook page. I thank everybody for contributing but at this stage nobody seems to have come up with a well established proven package and I am resigned to continuing Autosketch using the VMWare emulator. With the new Mac this is no longer a problem in terms of loading speed and memory use. Perhaps I should be looking for a “modern” Windows based program!

  23. Quenton,
    I don’t have a spare clutch but I did make a home -made one some years ago for my ML7. It is quite straightfoward to make and can be made on your own lathe!
    I can let you have the drawings if you are interested.

    Dave Ward.

  24. Hi Steve,
    I got the name plates and shed plates for my Class 73 from Maxitrak (Maidstone Engineering Supplies). They charge £50 for a set. There may be a little wait with them as the wait until they have enough for a full sheet to get them etched.

    All my others came from Diane Carney, but I believe she is not doing this anymore.

    Andy B

  25. Hi,
    As I don’t seem to be able to open the newsletter when sent as an email but I can open it on the website, it would be nice if the website could be updated as I still haven’t seen the last one yet.
    Colin MacEke

  26. Hi Andy, bring the loco up on 2nd January by all means. Bring any boiler paperwork with you. That will need checking by one of our boiler inspectors before you do anything. Best to make yourself aware of what you need and what you are short of when you get onto the steaming bay, so that you will know exactly what tools you need to equip your toolbox. Make sure you pick up a Driver Training Handbook. Be aware that, being a steaming bay, you may hear some rather coarse language from certain quarters!!!

  27. Used Citric Acid for over 40 years. Yes it does take a bit longer but is particularly good on brasses and bronzes. When spent it just stops working and is easy to dispose of!

    Anyone have a set of wheel castings for 5″ gauge “Ivo Peters” for sale? 2 pony, 8 d&c.
    Reeves ROD or Nigel Gresley will do.

    Dave Powell. mem no. 623.

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